Pedro Arbeláez created this lovely brand identity for Mascotoy.

Mascotoy is a pet shop specializing in toys and food for dogs and cats. Pedro Arbeláez, a Medellín, Colombia-based graphic designer was commissioned to create a suitable brand identity for Mascotoy.

The logotype is inspired by the shapes of dogs and cats. It plays with different sizes and widths to convey diversity. Using round, soft shapes, the logotype offers a friendly look. Pedro also created numerous playful icons that have been used throughout the entire brand and stationery materials.

Below you can see a few images. For more, please take a look at Pedro’s portfolio.

Mascotoy branding by Pedro Arbeláez
Mascotoy branding by Pedro Arbeláez

All images © by Pedro Arbeláez. Do not hesitate to find other inspiring work in the Graphic Design and Branding categories on WE AND THE COLOR.

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