Is your hallway in need of a storage overhaul? Therese faced a similar dilemma with her limited storage space for coats, shoes, and bags. To tackle this challenge, she ingeniously devised a plan to repurpose IKEA kitchen cabinets, transforming them into a bespoke entryway cabinet with a bench.

The hallway project’s foundation was the METOD kitchen cabinets (similar to the SEKTION line), known for their versatility. She selected the 60cm deep cabinets for the base, ensuring enough room to accommodate larger items like boots. The shallower 37cm deep cabinets were then stacked on top to create room for a storage bench — a convenient ledge for sitting or a place to rest the shopping bags while taking off your shoes.

IKEA Items:

IKEA kitchen metod cabinets
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  • METOD fridge top frame (40x60x40 cm)
  • MAXIMERA drawers (40×60 cm)
  • METOD frame (40x37x200 cm)
  • BODBYN doors, off-white

Additional Materials:

  • Pine boards
  • Trim and molding
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Door pulls

How to Hack an Entryway Cabinet and Bench

entryway cabinet
Photo Credit: Therese Falk @3res

Sharing her project on Instagram @3res, Therese laid out the steps you’ll need to create these mudroom-style storage cabinets.

Planning the Layout:

Opt for 60cm (24″) deep cabinets for the base and 37cm (15″) deep tall cabinets to form a practical bench. Choose how many cabinets you’ll need for your space. Use the IKEA Kitchen Planner to help you visualize the layout.

IKEA Cabinet Selection:

Use cabinets of the same width, in Therese’s case, 40cm (15″), for uniformity and to create distinct storage compartments for each family member. You can also choose 60 cm (24″) cabinets if those work better for you and your space.


Assemble the METOD fridge top frames and MAXIMERA drawers for the base. Fasten them against the wall with the METOD suspension rail.

Creating a Storage Bench Ledge:

Therese added a wood board over the base cabinets to establish a ledge that doubles as a bench. This also covers up the gaps between the cabinets. Place the shallower 37cm (15″) deep tall METOD cabinets above, aligning them with the base cabinets. Fasten the tall cabinets to the wall using the METOD suspension rails to avoid tip-over risks.

Molding for a Polished Look:

Elevate the overall design by adding trim molding between the cabinets, providing a polished and seamless appearance.

Finishing Touches:

Prime and paint the units to your desired color scheme, and install cabinet pulls for a functional and aesthetic finishing touch.

Transformation Complete:

Stand back and admire the remarkable transformation. Your entryway cabinet is ready for organization, with everything in its designated place.

Therese’s clever IKEA kitchen cabinet hack solved her storage dilemma and created a beautifully organized hallway that looks great and functions efficiently for her family’s needs.

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