MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace

MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace
MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace

MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace

MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace
MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace
MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report | Yellowtrace

Sample pages from our mighty Milantrace 2018 Digital Report. WOOHOO! Don’t mind me, I’m just a little proud over here, k?


You guys! WE DID IT!!

Our coveted MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report is out now and available for purchase. Highly curated, fiercely independent, democratic, no bullshit and free from advertising, our Digital Report is filled with amazing content that captures the inspirational people, ideas, installations, products and general highlights from Salone Del Mobile & Milan Design Week 2018. Priced at just $38.50 AUD, this digital product is offered in a beautifully presented and easy-to-navigate format, ready to be delivered to your screen of choice right now.

Some of you will be aware that last year we launched our inaugural MILANTRACE digital product – a little ol’ PDF of the highlights from Milan and Salone that many of you downloaded and loved. But to be honest, we always knew things could be done a lot better, so we went about exploring smarter ways to deliver this inspiration and information.

For this years’ edition, we’ve taken things up a notch (or two!) by changing up the format to deliver an entirely digital version. That means you can view this report anywhere on any device where you have internet, but please note it is optimised for your laptop/ desktop computer, so that’s where you’ll get the ultimate experience.

Our all-new Digital Report captures the magic of Milan and includes everything that was presented in our popular #MILANTRACE2018 talk series around Australia, plus additional information we simply couldn’t share in our jam-packed 90min live talks. Check out a free sample version of MILANTRACE 2018 Digital Report here (or see it embedded below – make sure you expand the preview so you can view the pages properly, k?), which will give you the feel for what you can expect from this year’s new and improved version. Seriously, all you need to do is visit the epic contents page to get a hint of the enormous amount of design goodness waiting to be discovered and devoured right now.

If you were able to attend one of the Milantrace talks or follow our online coverage, this Digital Report will complement and expand on some of what you’ve already seen. If you weren’t able to attend one of our live Milantrace events (or you have, and would like to see the talk again), you can head over to Vimeo now where we’ve made the full recording of the talk available to hire, just like your fave movie. Yay!

By the way, we’d really love your help in sharing this information with everyone you think might find our Digital Report or Talk Recording useful and inspiring (duh, like… pretty much anyone who cares about design). And a huge thank-you to all of you who have already pre-purchased our report and/ or attended one of our live events.

I truly hope that you get some great value and enjoy what I honestly believe is the most comprehensive review of Milan Design Week and Salone Del Mobile 2018 you’ll find anywhere.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for all your support.

Until next time…
Mama Yellowtrace xx


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