many moons ago, back on flickr, i used to regularly make and share mood boards from images i found a commonality with, and i’d forgotten how much i enjoyed hunting for images, discovering loads of talented artists and photographers in the process, and creating mood boards from a compilation of these inspiring images. recently, ali labelle of one of my favorite substacks à la carte began sharing some of the best mood boards around, so it got me thinking i’d like to start making my own again. so that’s where we’re at today — my very first mood board for you, inspired by lazy summer days at the beach. try making your own (and please remember to always credit your sources) — it’s most therapeutic. happy monday, everyone.

photo credits, row by row:
row 1: shop baina; artist frances costelloe; @camille_lhomme; frachella.
row 2: seaesta surf; the surf rider hotel; matteau; topanga umbrella.
row 3: andrew herndon; muse muse for the sunseaker; cesta beach; start films co.
row 4: @annekellybeachwear; equator journal; @ceciliarenard; surfer magazine ad.
row 5: couch surfing; duda; seaesta surf; @dolce.jolie.
row 6: alexander calder; @barefootresort; recreation collective; @oceancovethriftco.
row 7: @mcswimwear; simuero; maddy nye; mizar and alcor.

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