MPB Simplifies Buying, Selling, and Trading Used Photo and Video Gear

Image courtesy of MPB, shared with permission

Photography changes people. It expresses emotion in a way words cannot.

That’s why MPB strives to make photography more affordable and accessible for all. Founded by Matt Barker in 2011, MPB is the largest global platform to buy, sell, and trade used photo and video gear. Headquartered in Brighton, Brooklyn, and Berlin, MPB serves visual storytellers around the world.

The platform makes it easy to compare, filter, and shop thousands of items. MPB recirculates over 350,000 items annually and adds over 1,000 products to the website each week. This includes cameras, lenses, and accessories from leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Used items from MPB cost an average of 33 percent less than new products, and all gear comes with a free six-month warranty.

MPB is not a peer-to-peer marketplace and buys used gear directly from visual storytellers before reselling products, all carefully inspected and approved by their experts.

Need to get rid of gear? Start by filling out a free instant quote, select the model and condition of your gear, and they’ll put a price tag on it. MPB never adds hidden fees, so the number listed in your quote is always the amount you make.

Want to upgrade instead? Switch up your setup by trading in. Just add items to your cart at the start of the process, and you’re good to go.

While visual storytelling is at the heart of MPB, the platform is also committed to the bigger picture. Its business model is 100 percent circular, uses only plastic-free packaging and low-carbon data centers, and partners with couriers that invest in electric vehicles and sustainable fuels.

You can find answers and resolve issues through MPB’s Help Center FAQs and forums, or by chatting with an MPB expert directly via phone or email.

If you’re looking to save or make money on used camera gear, MPB is a premium place to start. Buy, sell, or trade at You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.