when researching last week’s color story on shades of gray, i began to see a pattern — heavy metals are definitely having a moment. pretty, shiny metallic homewares and design elements are literally everywhere. it’s perhaps an ode to art deco, an era that’s a favorite of mine, but stainless steel is also very eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, so i’m thrilled to see its reimmersion. silver, stainless steel and chrome accent furniture, retro coffee pots, lighting — you name it, there’s a durable metal version out there somewhere, especially in the vintage category. if you search on etsy (i’ve made a collection of some of my favorites), chairish, or 1st dibs, there is an abundance of unique vintage homewares to be had, which is even more environmentally friendly since you’re buying secondhand. i’ve rounded up a bevy of beauties for you — from high-end design to vintage on the down low; it’s time to embrace heavy metal.

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