The NAB Show 2024 showcased a captivating array of accessories designed to enhance the toolkit of both professional videographers and passionate content creators. As the digital media landscape continues to evolve, the need for innovative, versatile tools becomes ever more crucial. This year’s event did not disappoint, offering up gadgets that promise to refine the creative process and broaden the horizons of what can be achieved with video production. Here are the top four standout accessories from the show that are essential for anyone looking to elevate their content creation game.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Atomos Ninja Phone

The Atomos Ninja Phone is an innovative accessory designed to transform the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max into a professional monitor and recorder, significantly enhancing the video recording capabilities of the device. By supporting Apple ProRes and H.265 formats, it utilizes the iPhone’s excellent display as a dual-purpose screen and storage solution for capturing high-quality video. This integration makes the Ninja Phone a cost-effective option for mirrorless cameras needing a portable, high-resolution recording solution. However, its limitation to a maximum output of 1080p at 60fps might be restrictive for users requiring higher video resolutions. Essentially, the Ninja Phone acts as a bridge, leveraging the iPhone’s advanced display technology and adding professional recording features typically found in more sophisticated recording equipment.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Designer: Atomos

One of the key features of the Ninja Phone is its seamless integration with the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. The device is specifically designed to utilize the iPhone’s HDR OLED display as a monitor. This proves advantageous because the iPhone’s screen offers a peak brightness of 1600 nits and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. These features deliver vibrant and precise visuals, which are invaluable for accurate monitoring during shooting.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Moreover, it facilitates recording in Apple ProRes and 10-bit H.265 directly to the iPhone’s internal storage. Professionals widely prefer these formats due to their high quality and flexibility in post-production. This feature allows for superior color grading and editing capabilities, in contrast to the more compressed standard video formats typically generated by mirrorless cameras.

Additionally, the Ninja Phone includes a video co-processor unit that clips onto the iPhone inside a custom case. This unit effectively manages data transfer between the camera and the iPhone, ensuring efficient recording of video feeds without overloading the phone’s primary processor.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

There are several connectivity options, including USB-C and HDMI. These connections are secure, featuring locking mechanisms to maintain stable links between the camera, Ninja Phone, and iPhone. Furthermore, it is powered by a single Sony NP battery, offering a convenient and widely available power solution, making battery swaps as needed during extended shoots effortless.

Another key feature includes streaming video feeds directly to Atomos’ Cloud Service using 5G or Wi-Fi, providing a robust live broadcasting or remote monitoring solution. When combined with the Atomos app, users can access professional monitoring tools like focus peaking, zebra stripes, and false color, greatly enhancing the iPhone’s usability as a professional video monitor.

SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery

The SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 Mini V Mount Battery is a compact powerhouse, ideal for filmmakers and content creators who are constantly on the move. It is equipped with high-capacity LG battery cells, delivering 14.76V 14.4Ah 212.544Wh and supporting rapid 140W charging, which allows it to reach full capacity in just 2.5 hours. This minimizes downtime and maximizes energy management efficiency.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Designer: SmallRig

Designed for versatility, the VB212 can power a range of devices simultaneously—from cameras and lights to smartphones like the iPhone. It includes multiple output options: two USB-C ports, a USB-A port for quick device charging, and two D-Tap ports along with specific DC outputs for high-demand equipment.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

The battery’s robust design features an intelligent Battery Management System that safeguards against overcurrent, short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage, ensuring the safety and longevity of both the battery and connected devices. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy and coated with silicone, TPU, and PC V0 materials, the VB212 is built to withstand challenging environments, making it suitable for outdoor and demanding settings.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Additionally, its portability and compact frame make it a perfect complement to the iPhone’s mobility, allowing for extended shooting sessions without frequent recharges. This is further supported by the inclusion of USB-C and USB-A ports, which also charge essential mobile videography accessories. A clear TFT display monitors battery status and usage, while silicone covers protect delicate interfaces from dust and damage.

Rode Magnetic Mount

Rode’s Magnetic Mount, compatible with MagSafe-enabled devices, is a robust solution designed for mobile videography. This magnetic mounting system, crafted from high-grade aluminum, offers both durability and lightweight portability, making it ideal for dynamic or harsh shooting environments.

Designer: Rode

The mount’s strong magnet ensures that attached devices, like microphones and lights, remain stable even during active use. Its modular design includes short and long cold shoe arms and a long arm with a 1/4-inch thread, allowing for versatile setups in a variety of configurations to meet diverse filming requirements.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

The Magnetic Mount’s compactness enhances its portability, fitting easily into a backpack, kit bag, or pocket. This feature is particularly beneficial for mobile videographers and photographers who require flexibility in their equipment.

For iPhone users, the Magnetic Mount is transformative, providing a stable platform for external accessories. The integration of MagSafe technology secures the attachment, crucial for producing smooth, stable footage. The mount’s design facilitates easy switching between portrait and landscape modes, adding to its functionality and versatility.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

I personally like the idea that Rode has taken measures to ensure the Magnetic Mount securely latches on to the iPhone; there’s nothing worse than an expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max flying off during a shoot. The versatility and durability also enhance iPhone users’ capabilities to produce high-quality video content. The magnetic mount aligns well with the iPhone’s advanced features, supporting professional-grade content creation across various settings.

OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite represents a big improvement in webcam technology. Designed to improve video communication and live streaming quality without a high price tag, this compact device combines high-performance features and a user-friendly interface, making professional video capabilities available to a wider audience.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

Designer: OBSBOT

At the core of the Tiny 2 Lite’s appeal is its UHD 4K resolution, which remains competitive with other high-end devices while surpassing the video quality typically available from standard webcams and built-in smartphone cameras. This enhancement ensures that every frame is captured with clarity and detail, making it a valuable accessory for everything from professional webinars to intimate chats with loved ones.

Additionally, it comes with dual omnidirectional microphones, which are important for good audio quality and help with maintaining clear and synchronized communication during video calls or while streaming content. This feature is particularly valuable in environments where audio clarity can be affected by background noise or distance from the device.

What sets the Tiny 2 Lite apart are its AI-driven functionalities, such as Auto Tracking with Auto Zoom and Gesture Control 2.0. Auto Tracking keeps the subject in the center of the frame, automatically adjusting the zoom to accommodate movement, which is incredibly useful during presentations or performances. Gesture Control allows users to manipulate camera settings with simple hand motions, enabling a more interactive and engaging user experience without physically interacting with the device.

Our Top Four Picks for Best Accessories Announced at NAB 2024 Show

There are also a variety of preset modes that can be easily switched between, allowing users to tailor the camera setup to their specific needs, whether for a static interview or an animated teaching session. This adaptability is complemented by advanced focusing technology that ensures the video remains sharp and subjects stay in focus, even with significant movement.

This portable webcam is an excellent enhancement for iPhone users, leveraging the phone’s capabilities to produce higher-quality video outputs for streaming and calls. Its compact design and straightforward setup mean it can be easily integrated into various environments, aligning with the iPhone’s portability and emphasis on high usability. Whether used in a home office, during travel, or in a professional studio, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 Lite can be a valuable accessory for creating video content and delivering professional results in a multitude of settings.

There you have it: the accessories featured at NAB Show 2024 offer practical solutions tailored to the varied demands of modern content creators. From transforming an iPhone into a professional recording device to providing reliable power in remote locations, securing equipment on the move, or enhancing home studio setups for clearer streaming, these tools significantly enhance video production capabilities. They streamline the creation process and ensure that every detail is captured clearly, supporting creators in producing high-quality content effectively.

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