Tengo Group designed a sophisticated and welcoming space with dynamic architectural features at the Playday offices in Minsk, Belarus.

The office for Playday IT-company was designed by Tengo group, Minsk, Belarus. Playday is an ambitious team developing cool applications, so the task of our studio was to design a technological office with a homely atmosphere.

The main idea of the design appeared from the need to combine two floors to one integral office (the 6th and 7th floors of the business center). The software developers were supposed to occupy the ground floor, the upper floor was planned for marketing department and management. Following this way the spiral staircase became the main feature of the office. Smoothly flowing from the collaboration zone, flying over the open space and screwing into the second floor it has become the center of the composition. The spiral concept is also can be traced in rounded partitions, the pattern of floor coverings and lamps.

The openspace has a clean and a light design without any distractive factors. Each workplace has a high- adjustable desk, where one can work in standing or sitting position, also and ergonomic work chair. The lighting is controlled by the modern DALI system and sets lighting mode according to each employee’s needs. This approach helps to create individual workplace lighting as well as to provide environmentally electrical consumption.

The spacious kitchen was planned not only as a cosy cafeteria but also as a relaxing and playing zone, the place to gather and to party in. It also contains a guest area made in a cozy living room style for the whole team including a wide range of details, playing the guitar is among them. The windows of the living room and kitchen offer panoramic views of the quiet center of Minsk city.

In the post-covid time, the new office helped Playday easily bring people back to work offline. The company widely practise the hybrid work principle, but nevertheless, many employees decide to work in the office more often than remotely, and, certain, they like it.

Design: Tengo Group
Photography: Andrey Kot

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