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i started writing sfgirlbybay over a decade ago. i know. i can hardly believe it myself! what started as an attempt to get my San Francisco abode featured by Apartment Therapy, blossomed into a creative outlet for all of my passions and interests, and eventually, thanks to each and every one of you, became my full-time job.

and while writing this blog truly is my dream job, it often involves a lot more “adulting” than one might imagine (think: endless emails, lots of invoicing and following up with clients for payment, tracking receipts for work-related expenses, etc.) and it’s this not-so-fun stuff that actually keeps the proverbial lights on here at sfgirlbybay. don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing else i’d rather be doing, but at times i really struggle to keep everything organized. so in an attempt to make my life a little easier, i recently signed up with Quickbooks. there’s also the upcoming Quickbooks Connect 2016 conference in San Jose, and if I were still in san francisco i’d go in a heartbeat. more about that (and a reader discount) in a sec.

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i’m currently teaching myself how to use the Quickbooks platform to track all of my receipts, invoicing and payments in a more efficient and accurate way on a daily basis — you can download a free 30-day trial here. because let’s face it, being self-employed is hard enough. it can be pretty isolating since hanging out with colleagues isn’t built into your day-to-day routine like it is at an office, and you have to put extra effort into finding people to run ideas by, learn from (and sometimes just commiserate with!) through networking, meetups, etc. luckily, i am surrounded by a community of bloggers, entrepreneurs and talented friends who support and inspire me and when i’m in need of assistance, i’m not afraid to look to them or seek out tools like Quickbooks for help.

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after signing up, Quickbooks asked me to partner with them to share their upcoming event, QuickBooks Connect 2016. if you’re a blogger like me or creative freelancer of any kind, you may be interested in checking it out. the event was created to help people like us learn, be inspired, and connect with one another. it’s being held at the San Jose Convention Center on Oct. 25th and 26th and this year’s lineup of speakers includes entrepreneur and actress Eva Longoria, and Alli Webb (of Dry Bar fame), along with breakout sessions and workshops specially tailored for small businesses and the self-employed.

so if you’re looking to share your craft, get inspired, discover new products that will make your life easier, and know that you’re not in this alone, register for this year’s QuickBooks Connect. if for nothing else, sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from your work and be reminded of why you decided to branch out on your own and do what you do! Be sure to use this reader discount code: QBCBLOG to receive 50% off of registration for a 2-day pass, if you decide to attend!

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