Necessity is always the mother of invention. Zac Feltoon, a designer with a keen eye for practical solutions, recently introduced a delightful and functional wall hook named Itsahook. This cylindrical wall hook not only boasts a cheerful design but also addresses a persistent issue in traditional wall hook design: you know the one where you hang your clothes for too long and when removed, it has a weird protrusion?

Designer: Zac Feltoon

Itsahook’s unique form is the result of thoughtful consideration to ensure that clothing remains unharmed when placed on the hook. Zac Feltoon explains that the hook’s design incorporates a large regular curve set at an angle, allowing it to grip onto clothes without applying concentrated pressure that could lead to dents. The innovation lies in the distribution of weight, ensuring that garments remain in pristine condition.

Recognizing the need for a coat hook that wouldn’t cause clothing damage, Zac Feltoon experimented with various forms, initially leaning towards casting-friendly designs. However, the cost of tooling for such designs led him to explore more feasible options. As the iterations progressed, a catch-all space below the rounded hook emerged, providing additional utility for users to store keys and other daily essentials.

To bring Itsahook to life, Feltoon faced the challenge of finding a US-based manufacturer capable of producing the product at scale within a tight timeframe. Collaborating with CR Industries of Milwaukee, WI, Zac Feltoon successfully overcame these challenges. Their craftsmanship and commitment allowed the project to move swiftly from prototypes to final production. Despite a mid-November start, Itsahook successfully launched for pre-orders on November 23rd, with order fulfillment starting in early December.

The hook can be used not only to hang but also as a shelf for your smaller accessories. It is available in 4 colors to suit your style. Beyond its functional aspects, Itsahook adds a touch of visual entertainment to the mundane task of hanging items. The attachment screws form a “:D” emoticon, contributing to the overall cheerful expression of the wall hook. This playful detail adds a sense of personality to the utilitarian object, making it not just a practical solution but also a conversation starter.

By addressing a common issue in a unique and visually appealing way, Itsahook brings joy to a seemingly ordinary product. As it finds its place on walls, it not only provides a functional solution but also sparks a smile with its clever design. Itsahook is a testament to the idea that even the most everyday items can benefit from thoughtful design, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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