Farwa Moledina, a resourceful DIYer, elevated a plain IKEA BILLY bookcase with scalloped wood trim, turning it into statement furniture that complements her kitchen.

Moledina needed additional storage for her growing family, and the BILLY bookcase, with its adjustable shelves and glass doors, seemed like the ideal solution. However, once she brought it home, the standard white finish looked pale next to her vibrant home décor, and she found it hard to hide any mess behind the clear glass doors. She admits it is tough to stay perfectly organized with a toddler in tow.  

Moledina, who shares her DIY projects on TikTok, was determined to retain the bookcase’s functionality and infuse it with charm and practicality suitable for her home. At the same time, she was inspired by the scalloped furniture trend and wanted to find a way to add that to her BILLY bookcase hack.

Materials Needed:

  • IKEA BILLY bookcase with glass doors
  • Primer suitable for slick surfaces (like this)
  • Coral paint (or your color choice)
  • Scalloped molding
  • Wallpaper with a subtle yet playful pattern
  • Reeded glass film
  • Adhesive for trim
  • Sealant for shelves
  • Paintbrushes and rollers
  • Screwdriver
  • Craft knife
  • Plastic card (like a credit card)
  • Soap-and-water mixture in a spray bottle

Scalloped Furniture Makeover For BILLY Bookcase

scalloped furniture trend in this IKEA BILLY bookcase hack
Photo Credit: Farwa Moledina

Step 1: Prep and Paint 

Moledina assembled the BILLY bookcase according to the instructions but left the glass doors off. She applied a coat of primer to all surfaces, including the outside of the bookcase, the edges of the doors, and both sides of the shelves. Once the primer dried, she painted these parts with a pretty shade of coral. It took two coats for an even finish. Lastly, she used a protective sealant on top of the paintwork, especially the shelves, to protect them from scratches.

Step 2: Cut and Paint Scalloped Wood Trim 

She measured and cut the scalloped trim to fit the long sides of the bookcase doors. Then, she painted the molding the same color as the bookcase, applying two coats for consistency and setting it aside to dry.

Step 3: Wallpaper Application 

Moledina selected a wallpaper that really popped with wiggly lines and a mustard-coral palette. She measured and cut the wallpaper to fit the back and sides of the bookcase’s interior. She applied the wallpaper carefully, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles, and used a screwdriver to puncture through the wallpaper where shelf pegs and hinges would need to be reattached.

Step 4: Apply Reeded Glass Film 

scalloped furniture trend and reeded glass film in this IKEA BILLY bookcase hack
Photo Credit: Farwa Moledina

To give the glass doors an opaque look that hides clutter, Moledina stuck on reeded glass film. She cleaned the glass thoroughly and then sprayed a generous amount of the soap and water mixture onto it. Then, she laid the film on top, starting from one edge and working her way to the other, using a plastic card to smooth out bubbles as she went. Once dry, she trimmed the excess film with a craft knife for a neat finish.

Step 5: Install Scalloped Trim

The scalloped wood trim was the finishing touch. She applied adhesive to the back of the molding and pressed it against the door for a firm fix.

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Just like that, the plain IKEA bookcase is now a functional and trendy piece of scalloped furniture. The reeded glass offers a practical solution, while the scalloped trim and playful wallpaper add a touch of whimsy.

We love how Moledina’s pantry is not just a storage unit—it’s a conversation starter, a delightful surprise revealed when the doors are opened, and it looks right at home in her bold and fun dining space.

How have you hacked your BILLY bookcases? Share it with us.

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