From the minds behind the revolutionary linear drain system comes a new invention ready to break boundaries all over again. The 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain represents a new era of simplicity for bathroom design and installation – an era welcomed with open arms.

Stormtech’s all-new product, which includes a Shower Screen Support Channel compatible with any Stormtech grating style, is a versatile linear drainage system which serves dual purposes as a drain for both sides of the shower screen and as support for the screen itself. It is made from 316 Stainless Steel and designed for flexibility; both in design and in installation, which allows a simple dual fall across the bathroom.

As a result, a single floor waste can drain the entire bathroom. This provides unprecedented freedom for designers who will no longer need to cater for the intricate geometries of a traditional centred floor waste. Having a single floor waste also opens up styling opportunities as the simple dual fall sheds water more efficiently, meaning that designers are free to use larger format tiles wherever they please.

Builders and tilers will also feel the benefit of Stormtech’s 120SCS design. The drain system removes the need for the complex falls or the intricate tile cutting required by typical dual drain layouts. Less tiles are wasted as a result, and the process becomes much more efficient. Effective watershedding ensures that less water will find its way through grout joints, and the waterproofed substrate falls towards the location below where the Shower Screen Support Channel drain will be.

Stormtech - 120SCS Shower Screen Support

Cutting-edge equipment and technology has allowed Stormtech to carve a new path forward in the world of bathroom innovation. This unique bathroom solution is the product of years of careful work, founded by decades of experience. Available in all Stormtech designer grates and finishes, the 120CS Shower Screen Support drain exceeds all Australian Standards, is WaterMark certified and is exclusive to Stormtech.

Find out more about what this product will mean for bathrooms of the future with Stormtech.

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