For all the Vape enthusiasts, there are times when they come around explaining to their novice smoker buds the subtle difference that exists between an E-Cigarette and A vape Kit.

Well, in this article, we will segregate e-cigarettes and a vape Kit, eliminating once and for all the misconceptions that exist around both being the same thing. Among the general population, especially in the media, the terms vape pen and e-cigarette are often used interchangeably, yet, they are two unmistakably distinct products.

Beginning with the broad distinction between the two products, E-Cigarette, Or Electronic cigarettes are seemingly similar to the traditional cigarettes in their looks. They are generally a one-piece disposal unit that will be trashed once they run out of juice.

On the other hand, Vapes pens are reusable devices which can come with refillable e-liquid tanks and rechargeable batteries. The best part about vapes is that you can mix and match various parts and customize the different flavours as per your liking.

Since we have covered the general difference between an E-Cigarette and a Vape Kit, we should now look into the more subtle yet significant differences between the two products.

Difference between an E-Cigarette and a Vape Kit

Technological Differences between E-Cigarette and a Vape Kit

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E-cigarette and Vapes have fundamental technological differences. Vapes are built as an open system device, meaning that there is an integration of several parts that you can swap as per liking. Because of this, Vape comes in various shapes and sizes. They usually feature some sort of liquid pod or cartridge, where the e-liquid is encased in a sealed container. While e-cigarettes are built as a closed system device, encased in a solid body with no replaceable parts.

Aesthetic Differences between E-Cigarette and a Vape Kit

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Vapes, otherwise Known as vaporizers, come in various model types. Vape Pens generally look like a fountain pen, Mods-third Generation vapes look more like a cuboid, and Pod Mods’ most recent devices come in convenient and stylish shapes. At the same time, E-cigarettes have a traditional cigarette-like appearance making them popular among those who prefer the feel of holding a cigarette in their hands. These visual aesthetics are vital features distinguishing the two similar products.

Anatomy of Vapes and E-Cigarettes

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Generally, all e-cigarettes have only three segments integrated – battery, Atomizer and Nicotine cartridge. This leaves the e-cigarette non-customisable and unusable once they run out of juice. However, the minimal components used in E-Cigarette make them a cheap alternative to satisfy your nicotine craving. But, it deprives the smoker of all the variations available in using modern Vaporizers.

On the other hand, Vapes have several parts – Mouthpiece, Atomizer, Refillable E-liquid container, rechargeable Batteries, and Airflow Controller. These features allow vapers to customise the product as per their smoking preference. Furthermore, new technological innovations are integrated into the vapes, enhancing the vaping experience.

Flavouring Differences between E-Cigarettes and Vapes

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Flavour choices are one thing that ultimately sets the two products into different spectrums. Since the e-cigarette is built as a closed system device, it can only have a single flavour, in most cases, an unpleasant nicotine flavour. This product is most desirable to smokers who intend to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Talking about Flavour and Vapes, there is almost an infinite variety of flavoured E-liquid to choose from. The Best part about these flavours is that they are available in headshops at pocket-friendly prices. You can also conveniently replace these flavours once the e-liquid capsule is empty or the flavour doesn’t vibe with your taste.

The bottom line is that e-cigarettes and Vaporizers are different products. They only resemble each other in terms of their intended purpose of eliminating the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Moreover, the evolution in the vape industry has been so phenomenal that e-cigarettes are preferred only because of their compact, ready-to-use and cheap prices. This evolution has brought in a revolution in the market as well. Online Headshops like Olivastu have begun stocking themselves with the best vapes at reasonably low prices. You can also find all the other accessories that might come in handy for a sensational vaping experience. Along with this, they also provide express deliveries of these products to your doorstep. With Vapes, the taste, the smoke, and the feel all come together to give a whole new experience.

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