as you may have seen on instagram, i took a poll the other day to try and discover which of my posts resonate with you the most. i hear an awful lot — “more fashion!” but my origins are in interior design, and as much as i love fashion, it appears the majority of you want more design-related posts and travel guides, with fashion coming in last. but it wasn’t by a significant amount, so i thought what might please all of you would be more shop small posts, but within that category, i’ll feature fashion boutiques with great style in must-visit cities, giving you a win-win-win. i’ll still post my wear this there and new street style posts but focus a lot more on interior design, as requested. this is where this week’s shop small feature comes in — meet bode if you haven’t already discovered this wonderful, sustainable, vintage-focused small business with two locations in new york city, and now one in los angeles on melrose avenue (see, it’s travel-related should you be headed to either of these fair cities).

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