We all know the principle of the honeymoon. We must even admit that it makes us dream more than the wedding itself. The problem, for a honeymoon, as stated, you have to be married. But do we want to wait for our prince or princess charming to make this trip? The answer is no. Singles also have the right to enjoy a dream vacation. This is also proven by Brittany Allyn, a 36-year-old American. Tired of having to wait to find her soul mate, she then went to the Côte d’Azur, and treated herself to a solo honeymoon, or “me-moon“. A concept that gives us lots of ideas and above all.


What is a solo honeymoon?

You don’t have to be bilingual to understand the main principle of a solo honeymoon.  It is a honeymoon, but alone. It was on TikTok that this concept was born. Brittany shared on her account her short stay in a luxury hotel on the France Riviera, a candlelit dinner one-on-one with herself, and activities conducive to idleness. Through her little solo adventure, Brittany has brought dream solo travel up to date. The tragic marriage-baby scheme no longer seems to be in trend. Today, it’s more about personal fulfilment. We only think of ourselves, and we make sure to get loved. And what better than travel to take full advantage of yourself, do everything you dreamed of, and create memorable memories!

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