Robert Dawson’s ceramic art blurs the lines between tradition and innovation, motion and permanence, and challenges conventional perceptions of craftsmanship.

Dawson’s creation, Spin, beautifully encapsulates the essence of motion blur, reminiscent of the technique used in animated movies. Just as motion blur aids in creating fluidity in film sequences, Dawson’s manipulation of glaze and design captures a fleeting moment, freezing it in time while alluding to movement. The Blue Willow pottery design combines fixedness and the illusion of movement, showcasing the artist’s skill.

The plates symbolise clay’s history and transformation. Dawson cleverly incorporates circularity, a fundamental principle in pottery, by showcasing the spinning process as a visible final stage in decoration. This extends the traditional concept of pottery time, inviting viewers to contemplate the craft’s evolution.

His plates honour and represent ceramic heritage while pushing boundaries..


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