Sprint Kickstart Promo: Ongoing Unlimited Plan for /MonthSprint just rolled out a Unlimited Kickstart promotion, which is unlimited talk/text/data for $15 per month, per line. No annual contract, and no end date. You must bring over your own compatible phone. Online orders only. New customers only. Requires port-in of your existing number. Offer is set to expire 6/14/18.Sprint Kickstart Promo: Ongoing Unlimited Plan for $15/Month

If you read this site, you know that Sprint has already been offering a year of free unlimited data for free. (I ended up paying about $3-$4 per line in taxes and fees.) But my free year is ending next month, so the rate is going back up the $60 per month for one line ($100 total for two). I will have to move out again, probably to Mint Mobile for 3 months (at $20 a month for 5 GB) and see how that goes.

Therefore, if you are confident you will be happy with the Sprint network for the foreseeable future, you might want to lock in the $15 per month now. However, if you aren’t sure then I would recommend getting the one year free. (A bird in hand is worth two in the bush…) Both are opportunities to take advantage of the fact that Sprint really wants to up their numbers to improve their merger negotiating position.

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