today on super marché we’re looking at the wide world of canine style, where chic meets furry companionship. from vibrant dog beds and vintage works of art in homage to our precious pups, you can add a pop of pup personality to your living space or find the perfect fashion-making statement dog collar for daily walkies. imagine strolling down the street with your pup sporting a leash that’s not only functional but also an expression of their unique personality — you and your pup will appreciate the extra flair in your everyday adventures. getting a dog for the first time? try this fun dog name generator! and remember, if you can adopt, don’t shop.

  1. vintage 1950s mid-century paint by numbers boxer dog painting from nostalgia vintage. for all the boxer lovers out there.

  2. classic charcoal & creme ticking stripe dog bed from george sf. just love this very chic french-inspired dog bed.

  3. vintage small terrier dog painting from silver lining art store. this cute guy looks a lot like my frances!

  4. vintage ceramic pup in a pot treat jar from little buttercup vintage. remember these old cookie jars? perfect for doggie treats.

  5. vintage german shepherd dog portrait painting from silver lining art store. i love this handsome guy — so distinguished.

  6. old-fashioned mid-wale red corduroy dog quilt with stick from george sf. george was my go-to dog boutique in san francisco; their collections are super cute.

  7. vintage french small yorkshire terrier dog oil painting from silver lining art store. another vintage painting that reminds me of my sweet pup.

  8. bone appetit dog treat tin from amici pet store. get it? ‘bone’ appetit — pun intended and very cute for stashing treats.

  9. vintage girl with dog framed painting from heidi vintage art. i love this sweet painting — a girl and her beloved pup. say no more.

  10. miniature hubley cast iron dog figurine from marymere vintage. i like this guy for a doorstop — always on guard for you.

  11. pendleton national park cuddler pet bed from pottery barn. these dog beds are classic and look super cozy, too.

  12. vintage scottie dog cast iron bookends from chairish. a bit kitschy, but super fun bookends for book and dog lovers everywhere.

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  1. jonathan adler vice woof dog bowl. ideal for those of us with classic black and white decor.

  2. vintage paint-by-numbers set of 10 postcard dog stationery from george sf. i have these cute postcards and like surprising my friends with a personal note from frances now and then.

  3. voyage car comfort seat and carrier from pets so good. okay, this is one extravagance i might have to splurge on. my friend has one, and it’s so cozy looking.

  4. alpine dog beds from molly and stitch. these fashionable, modern dog beds come in a variety of colors and sizes.

  5. butter leather adjustable leach from molly and stitch. if you need to step up your leash game, this is the leash for you and your pup, and it comes in a few great colors.

  6. orange gingham dog bandana from the southern dog. every dog needs to dress up every once in a while, and i love this gingham look.

  7. jonathan adler vice woof treat canister. jonathan adler always nails the ceramics, and i love his fun vice collection.

  8. jade green oreo standing dog bowl from molly and stitch. for the dog who prefers to dine in a more elevated situation.

  9. pepper striped dog bed from minna. all the striped beds from minna are great looking. i think your dog will approve.

  10. the dog in photography book from taschen. taschen creates beautiful coffee table books, and this one’s for dog lovers everywhere. it makes a lovely gift, too.

  11. the foggy dog foodie pizza toy. step up your dog’s toy game with this fluffy piece of pizza. so cute.

  12. found my animal gold metallic dog puffer coat. i find myself a little jealous of this très chic puffer! i wonder if they make it adult sizes?

  1. chilly dog adventure club dog sweater from paws and purrs. how cute is this wooly little dog sweater?

  2. vegan leather poop bag dispenser from frenchiestore. this one made me laugh — it even keeps the poop pick-up fashionable.

  3. cheryl cherry dog harness by puppia from paws and purrs. i love this adorable cherry-themed harness. frances may need this one, too.

  4. good dog personalized dog safety tag from george sf. all my dogs have had these cute dog tags from george. i’ve never seen a better design on a dog tag.

  5. pendleton national park striped pet coat from pottery barn. love this modern take on the dog coat; you can’t miss them in this bright beauty.

  6. luxury striped dog leash from frenchiestore. i love the colors of this sweet striped leash. very french, as well.

  7. soho luxury leash orange floral from nordstrom rack. this daisy print leash is quite cute, too. one must always look fashionable while walking our besties.

  8. black plaid dog bandana from the southern dog. love a good gingham, and this time in a modern black and white.

  9. gianni cooling fleur leather dog collar from bergdorf goodman. this one’s for the fancy dogs, and it sure is pretty!

  10. animal microfiber hooded bath towel from pets so good. how cute is this hoodie for spa days with your pup.

  11. gianni cooling rainbow personalized leather dog collar from bergdorf goodman. i love personalized collars, and this one in leather is quite stylish.

  12. thwap vintage tie collars for the modern dog. designer jeannine collects vintage neckties and repurposes them into darling dog collars for dress-up occasions.

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