Some might say that travel is the source of all inspiration, and certainly it’s the one thing we all dreamed of as we counted out slow days in lock down.

The Travel Corporation (TTC) has released its second annual global Impact Report, which gives us an insight into what matters to people most when it comes to travel. No surprise, sustainability tops most travellers’ agendas with two in five people revealing that their values have changed in the past five years as sustainability and climate change issues have come to the forefront.

It also seems increasingly important that we book a trip with purpose and the report notes 65 per cent of Australians say that local tourism, trade, and foundations are one of the most important sustainable practices a tour operator can support. 

Here are three further key takeaways from TTC’s 2022 Impact Report.

Support local and sustainable: Top 3 travel insights
The Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu in Malaysia.

1. If sustainable travel isn’t possible, travel local or travel less

Thirty-three per cent of Australians say they’ll travel in the next 12 months and will seek out the most sustainable option. But, if sustainable travel isn’t possible, 34 per cent of Australians would consider exploring more local options, and 19 per cent would simply travel less, or not at all.

“…Sixty-nine per cent believe sustainable travel comes at an additional cost. Doing the right thing doesn’t have to cost more…” says Toni Ambler, managing director of TTC Tour Brands, Contiki, Trafalgar, Costsaver, Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold.

“Our Impact Report highlights that we now include at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience on 62 per cent of itineraries across our brands – this represents 571 immersive experiences designed to benefit a destination or community, educate our clients, and support the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.”

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Support local and sustainable: Top 3 travel insights
Ionian Sea.

2. Gen Z are super cluey about choosing sustainable options

Research found Gen Z is the most concerned generation when it comes to offsetting carbon emissions, with over half (54 per cent) agreeing that working towards net zero, by cutting greenhouse gas, is one of the most important sustainable practices travel operators can make.

Staying ahead of the game, TTC has established its own Carbon Fund designed to enable investment in green technologies selected for their ability to decarbonise the business.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your travel operator what extra steps and investments they are making for the environment!

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Support local and sustainable: Top 3 travel insights
Contiki touring.

3.  Foodies want their travel experience to focus on reducing wastage and supporting local

A high number of Australian travellers – 58 per cent – agree that they look for a foodie adventure that supports local operators and producers when booking a sustainable holiday. Meanwhile 48 per cent want to visit hotels, operators and restaurants that aim to reduce food waste. The report highlights Uniworld’s achievement in reducing food waste by 34 per cent across six ships by introducing the Leanpath food waste technologies in 2022.

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Support local and sustainable: Top 3 travel insights
Xigera Solar Farm.

About TCC’s Impact Report

TTC’s Impact Report tracks progress against its five-year sustainability strategy How We Tread Right (HWTR), launched in 2020; its 11 sustainability goals are anchored to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Reducing the environmental impact of our business, as articulated in our HWTR strategy, is at the core of all that we do,” says Ambler. “It is too great a risk not to address these issues in a meaningful, timely and transparent manner. Our investment in a Carbon Fund to support achieving near-term, long-term and net zero validated targets is, I believe, a critical step forward in our sustainability journey.”

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