you know me (or if you’re new here, I hope you’re getting to know me) — i love good design, but i don’t seem to be able to follow many design ‘rules’. my heart is my aesthetic ruler, and i’ve always believed if you share what you love in your home, you’ll create a space that’s uniquely yours and feel at peace, and so will your guests. i know when it comes to styling vignettes around your home, your coffee table, nightstands, etcetera, there are design principles in play to create a good balance, and i think that’s probably true. but i’m also one who tends to throw caution to the wind without considering all that much other than what means something emotionally to me. i learned in my french class that sur la table literally means ‘on your table’, so that’s where we’re focusing our design direction today, and the more eclectic for me, the better. but if you’re prefer something a little more zen, i’ve got you covered.

for instance, my coffee table displays a stack of books that inspire me, a vintage bowl from oaxaca full of trinkets i love — a budha from thailand, some sea coral i found here on the beach in laguna, a few crystals from a memorable trip to joshua tree, some old pocket knives and some palo santo sticks for burning. weird mix, right? but it makes me happy. then there are also some sort of kitschy candle sticks i found at the rose bowl flea for five bucks and some vintage ashtrays from the french flea markets i’ve repurposed to burn incense and the palo santo in — no cigs here, but i’ll bet those ashtrays have some stories to tell from parisian salons of long ago. but i digress — my point is to simply display what you adore, and get creative with it — think organizing your mementos in unique trays or vintage ceramics, a candle votive or two, a stack of your favorite books, and i do believe it may just bring you some personal joy while also meaning something sentimental and special to you and all you share your home with.

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