I never really properly learned chess or at least remembered the basic rules, although I did enjoy Netflix’ The Queen’s Gamit. I also have close friends who really enjoy playing the game or watching people play the game. But the problem sometimes is that chess sets are pretty hard to carry around if you wanted to play outside your home like in the office or when traveling. There are some small, portable chess sets that you can bring around but it’s probably not as stylish as this one.

Designer: Sofia Gegunde

The Hyde Chess set is built for practicality and portability but is also designed to look like something different from your usual chess sets. For one, the pieces aren’t the traditional ones that you see but are a re-imagining of the pawns, rooks, knight, bishop, queen, and king but in circular pieces that can fit easily into the smaller and portable set and box. They’re all the same height except for the king and queen. There is a cylindrical holder inside to store the pieces when they’re not in use and there are also slots on the chess board to “stabilize” them when you’re actually using them to play a game of chess.

When not in use, everything is just stored inside a small box. But when it’s time to actually play chess, just open it and assemble the chess board with the rectangular pieces. You can then remove the circular chess pieces from their storage and arrange them on the board like you would a regular set and start the game whenever you’re ready. The pieces are made with a CNC router while the wooden parts are made from guatambu and dark cedro.

The assembly and disassembly are pretty easy and learning the different pieces should be pretty easy. Even though they’re circular pieces, the designs are based on the traditional chess pieces. If they actually produce and sell this, it would be a pretty neat gift item for my chess-loving friends and they may even eventually convince me to play with them.

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