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If you’re a bookworm but haven’t yet upgraded to an Amazon Kindle, we have to ask: what on earth are you waiting for?

We know nothing compares to the feel of a book in your hands — or even that distinctive book smell — but since the Amazon Kindle’s 2007 debut, it’s hard to imagine the world without a handily portable device that stores thousands of books.

But we get it. There are a lot of Kindles out there to consider. Whether you’re new to e-readers or simply can’t decide which Amazon Kindle you should purchase, let us break down all the models and help you make the best choice for you. 

What is a Kindle?

They may be similarly sized, but these handheld reading devices are not to be confused with a tablet or even a smartphone. Kindles are designed specifically for reading. This is made possible by the Kindle’s distinctive black-and-white-only, glare-free display that reads like paper, even when you’re sitting under a bright sky. 

Kindles boast a 300 ppi, high-resolution display with zero glare so you can enjoy sharp text and images at any viewing angle. Kindles are also equipped with WiFi connectivity to allow you to access and download all the reading material you want. You can find books through the Amazon Kindle eBooks store, Prime Reading, or via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

What should you consider before buying a Kindle?

When shopping for the best Kindles to fit your lifestyle, consider the following factors that are most likely to vary between models:

  • Battery Life — Kindles generally have outstanding battery life (depending on your usage), but some models are even more impressive. On the low end, they last up to six weeks per charge, while others last up to 12 weeks.

  • Display Size — The smallest Kindle has a 6-inch display while the largest has a 10.2-inch display.

  • Storage Capacity — Depending on the model, Kindles can have anywhere from 8GB to 64GB of storage capacity to stash thousands of your favourite reads at a time.

  • Waterproof Protection — Not all Kindles are waterproof, but those that are provide peace of mind in case of accidental immersion in water without incurring damage.

Keep these features in mind when considering your options.

What features do Kindles offer?

Beyond the standard features that are found across most (if not all) of the latest Kindle models, there are also specialised features that you’ll find on the higher-end models.

If you like to read outside, choose a Kindle with an auto-adjusting light. Or if you read during your daily commute, select want a Kindle with easy page-turn buttons so you can get to the next page with a one-handed action. There’s even a Kindle that will allow you to jot down notes on your texts for later reference.

All Kindles offer parental control options as well. Plus, you can listen to audiobooks on Audible via any Kindle’s built-in Bluetooth connection.

You’ll usually have the choice to select either an ad-supported or an ad-free experience, with the latter option typically costing about £20 more. If you don’t want to go for the mini splurge of nixing the ads, you’ll get ads on your lockscreen whenever you open the cover of your Kindle. That’s fine if you don’t mind swiping them out of the way.

Is there a monthly fee for Kindles?

All Kindle devices allow for instant access to the Amazon Kindle eBooks store where you can buy individual titles with no monthly subscription fee required. That said, Amazon Prime members can access free books via the Prime Reading service which would be subject to the current Prime membership rate. 

Beyond that, you can get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for £9.49 per month to gain unlimited access to more than three million titles and thousands of audiobooks, and borrow up to 20 eligible Kindle Unlimited titles at a time at no extra cost. You can typically opt into a few free months of Kindle Unlimited to trial it.

What is the best Kindle?

There is no such thing as a best Kindle for everyone, because everyone will have different reading and lifestyle needs. To help you pinpoint the best model for you, we’ve lined up a selection of devices to suit everyone. We recommend checking out everything listed here, and carefully considering your options.

These are the best Kindles in 2024.