If you are a woman with large breasts, you may have found yourself in one of these scenarios more than once: either you want to enhance your looks for a special occasion (or just because), or you don’t feel like having your breasts become the centre of attention.

Whatever your case, there are some t-shirts and shirts that will help you more than others to achieve the result you are looking for. You just have to be aware of some small details and you will immediately know the cut you need at all times.

Do you want to know our style tips to always get your top right? We tell you about them in this article!

Tips for Large-Breasted Women

  • If you want to hide your chest:

We usually think that to hide the chest it is best to wear a turtleneck top, but the truth is that it is quite the opposite. V-necks are much more recommended to hide this part of the body. It is also important to avoid prints or very tight tops and t-shirts, as they tend to highlight the shapes much more.

  • If you want to enhance your chest:

If you are proud of your chest and want to show it off as it deserves, the underwear you wear is key. To enhance this part of the body, we also recommend you opt for garments that help you give it prominence, such as wrap-type tops or tops with underwire included.

Avoid tops that are too big and baggy, as they will only make your top look bigger and your chest won’t stand out the way you’d like.

Do you need some inspiration to combine those tops that favour your type of chest? Here are some ideas of looks for you to adapt to your liking. Let’s start!

  • Tank top with V neckline
  • Wrap neckline top
  • Cut-out waist top

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