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are you familiar with the uniquely beautiful work of british textile designer and artist Carolyn Quartermaine? i’ve been inspired by her for at least a decade and while her ornate, colorful style may not fit just any home, it’s still the kind of work that can’t help but get ideas churning in one’s imagination. i came across carolyn’s design work again when searching for ‘mustard yellow and pink’ which is so on trend right now, and it would appear she was way ahead of the curve. i just enjoy the feminity of it all, the eclectic layers of vintage pieces and pretty textiles she pairs together. you can see more inspiring stylish work from Carolyn on her website which also features peeks at her 17th-century house in Provence. The British artist views her home/gallery as a “work in progress, with the fragility and transience of ever-changing visual tableaux. There’s a charming honesty in her grouping of items — heartbeat moments — simply because they bring pleasure”. she’s also designed one of the ‘jungle-like’ spaces at london’s popular teahouse sketch which i was fortunate enough to see in person when i last visited. awe-inspiring, indeed.

inspiring home of designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayinspiring interior of designer Carolyn Quartermaine's home. / sfgirlbybayinspiring decor via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayunique art and decor via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayinspiring home decor and art via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayeclectic art and decor via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayfeminine art gallery wall. / sfgirlbybayeclectic interior decor via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayunique modern meets vintage decor styling via designer Carolyn Quartermaine, / sfgirlbybayvintage meets modern decor via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybaymantle decor inspiration. / sfgirlbybaydreamy white and indigo bedroom decor inspiration via designer Carolyn Quartermaine. / sfgirlbybayblue chandelier and pink and mustard bedding. / sfgirlbybay

• photography via Carolyn Quartermaine; vogue living; cote maison; and rachel whiting photograpy.

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