yellow and black and white tile floor / sfgirlbybay

handbag designer carolina l. iriarte’s fabulous floors, via freunde von freunden (above + below).

i have this thing for harlequin patterns. i’m not sure why i love them so much, but perhaps it stems from my family’s days in the circus. oh no, i kid you not, we had a circus. taschen has a book dedicated to the circus with a harlequin print cover — i don’t know why, but when i see the pattern, i think ‘circus’ and they must too. anyway, i digress, because what i’m looking at here are harlequin print floors, and darn it, i love them.

yellow, black and white harlequin tile floors / sfgirlbybayharlequin tile floors in white, yellow and black / sfgirlbybay

modern harlequin bathroom floor / sfgirlbybay

ferm living’s new lookbook has these floors right.

black and white harlequin tile floors / sfgirlbybay

gubio official’s instagram.

harlequin tile flooring / sfgirlbybay

i just shared this credenza, but i can’t help but include this perfect floor, via khai liew.

painted wood flooring in harlequin pattern / sfgirlbybay


painted wood harlequin flooring / sfgirlbybay

Sharyn Cairns for Homelife.

black and white harlequin tile floors / sfgirlbybay

Julien Fernandez for inside out magazine.

harlequin tile in black and white / sfgirlbybay

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