Person looking at Excel spreadsheets

TL;DR: The Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced course is on sale for £16.09, saving you 75% on list price.

Microsoft Excel shouldn’t just be a “skill” you flex on your CV when you’re trying to impress a potential employer. And while it does have lots of uses in the workplace, including sorting and managing raw data, it can also be incredibly useful in your daily life, like when you’re figuring out your travel budget or visualising your fitness progress.

But if you admittedly don’t know squat about the prized spreadsheet app, consider the Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced course your trusty tutor. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for under £20.

This course contains eight hours of expert-led training spearheaded by Warrick Klimaytys, a computer technician who has helped thousands of students go from Excel Zero to Excel Hero. Great for beginners, it aims to teach you the basics of the program and help you get to grips with wielding its many functionalities to your advantage.

You can expect to learn how to create workbooks and spreadsheets that even your boss will gawk at, master tables, charts, formulas, and macros, calculate with the IF function and perform conditional formatting, and so much more. By the end of it all, you’ll have the know-how to build and prepare a workbook to impress.

The course is accessible anytime, anywhere, and using any device, though you’ll need to have your own version of Excel. And while you can always learn at your own pace, it’s designed in a way that gets you up to speed as fast as possible, so you can already work at a capable level within just a few lectures.

Learn how to use Excel to your advantage. This Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced course normally goes for around £60, but you can grab it on sale for £16.09.