DuoFlip is a new gadget that makes carrying your daily essentials easier. With DuoFlip, you no longer need to search through a messy wallet to find your card or ID. All you need to do is flip it open, and you’re good to go. The design is simple and comfortable, making sure your belongings are secure. It’s the perfect investment for a more organized and stress-free lifestyle. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying cards and IDs the old-fashioned way.

Designer: Stella Chang Chien of SleekStrip

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The Problem

Carrying multiple items such as a work ID badge, wallet, bag/purse, and phone can be cumbersome and often leads to forgetfulness of crucial IDs or cards when leaving home or the office. Additionally, while contactless card tapping offers convenience and hygiene benefits, current card holders and wallets still require physical card retrieval, making the process tedious and increasing the risk of card loss.

The Solution: DuoFlip – The Flippable MagSafe ID Card Holder

DuoFlip addresses these problems by consolidating your daily essentials (phone, ID, and cards) into one convenient accessory. With its innovative flip design and MagSafe compatibility, DuoFlip allows you to effortlessly switch between two cards with a simple flip for display or tapping. No more fumbling or risking card loss.

Streamlined Card Display and Tapping

DuoFlip features two card slots: one with a window and another covered. This design allows you to securely hold your essential ID and/or cards while keeping them easily accessible. The windowed slot is perfect for displaying your ID, while the covered slot ensures the safety and privacy of your other cards.

MagSafe Compatibility for Seamless Attachment

Designed to seamlessly and securely attach to your phone using MagSafe technology, DuoFlip eliminates the need to remember one more item to bring along. By keeping all your essentials in one place, you can simplify your daily carry and never forget your ID or cards again.

Hassle-Free Transitions with Innovative Flip Design

DuoFlip’s flip design enables seamless transitions between the windowed ID card slot and the covered card slot. This hassle-free solution allows for easy storage, display, and tapping of essential cards without the need for card removal. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional cardholders.

Dual-Sided Card Tapping with Anti-Interference Design

DuoFlip takes card tapping to the next level with its proprietary 6-layer anti-interference card partition design. Unlike other card holders or wallets that claim to support card tapping but deliver poor results, DuoFlip has been extensively tested with over 230 anti-interference material combinations to ensure reliable and efficient dual-sided card tapping every time.

Integrated Phone Stand for Added Convenience

In addition to its primary function as an ID card holder, DuoFlip doubles as a phone stand, offering both portrait and landscape orientations. Now, you can enjoy hands-free video watching and easily make FaceTime calls without the need to find a cup or lean your phone against a surface.

Versatile Accessories for Customized Experience

DuoFlip can be further enhanced with versatile accessories such as a lanyard, lanyard phone patch, or retractor, allowing you to tailor your experience based on your specific needs and use scenarios. Its magnetic design also enables convenient clipping onto your shirt pocket, ensuring easy access and safekeeping.

Premium Materials for Durability and Style

DuoFlip is constructed with tear-resistant fabric for its soft hinges, reducing weight and thickness while ensuring durability. The proprietary 6-layer anti-interference partition between card slots enables proper tapping without signal interference. The exterior of DuoFlip is made of vegan leather, available in three colors, providing a high-quality appearance, comfortable feel, and excellent protection for your cards. All layers are meticulously sewn together to enhance durability and longevity, with over 100,000 flips tested.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

At SleekStrip, we are committed to sustainability. That’s why we have designed the packaging for DuoFlip to be 100% recyclable and space-saving. Whether you purchase DuoFlip online or from a retail store, you can be confident that the packaging aligns with our eco-friendly values.

The development of DuoFlip has been an exciting journey for the SleekStrip team, involving initial research and concept development, design iterations, prototypes, testing, and pre-production setup. The company takes great pride in presenting this innovative design and believes DuoFlip can greatly simplify and streamline your daily life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $28 $40 (30% off). Hurry, only 78/150 left!

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