In midsized truck camping, the market has been dominated by soft-top pop-up models, blending mobility with living space. However, Colorado-based High Altitude Trailer Co is rewriting the rules with a game-changing truck camping solution called the Ultralite TB50.

Diverging from the familiar pop-top designs, Ultralite TB50 has embraced a single-piece composite truck bed camper shell that challenges convention and takes truck camping to a new comfortable and camper-like style. With the TB50 you get a fixed roof, four hard walls, and a floor resting above the truck bed that is generally used as the flooring by other pop-up models.

Designer: High Altitude Trailer Co

Campers are the preferable option for their security through the elements, which pop-up soft tops for trucks fail to deliver. Bettering the flimsy tent fabrics, the Ultralite TB50 arrives with foam-insulated hard-walls, to shield you from the elements without sacrificing the thrill of being on the back of your truck overnight.

TB50 comes with a fixed high roof but it guarantees enough headroom inside. With 54 inches over the bed rails of midsize pickup trucks, it ensures a comforting camping experience. Its base configuration comprising a fold-down full-size queen mattress for a restful sleep, LED lighting to set the mood, and a generously sized entry door keeps it refreshingly simple, but the company offers you a canvas to craft your dream camping setup with the Ultralite TB50.

High Altitude Trailer Co provides a range of add-ons, so you can tailor your Ultralite TB50 to your requirement. Whether it’s a window to perfect the view, awing to extend the living space outdoor, or a plush mattress that rivals your bed at home, the options are out there for your choosing. With a starting price of $14,500, this pioneering slide-in camping topper, that weight 448 lbs, provides unparalleled value for the features it brings to the table.

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