Japanese culture and history have always been a source of inspiration for the entire design world. We see Japan-inspired designs in almost every aspect of our lives, so why not in the world of LEGO?! Japanese culture has managed to inspire many talented LEGO builders around the world, resulting in beautiful creations that perfectly capture the essence and spirit of Japan. From a bowl of steaming hot ramen to the traditional Shogun Armour, LEGO master builders have managed to capture them all in the form of exquisite and intricately built LEGO constructions. Dive in!

1. LEGO Ramen Bowl

Micdud’s LEGO Ramen Bowl is made using LEGO bricks and it looks super realistic! “The model was designed, as a fully customizable construction, thanks to a wide selection of ingredients,” says LEGO builder Micdud. The ramen bowl includes a “bamboo” roll-out pad, a stunning “ceramic” bowl made with intricate details, as well as chopsticks that are hidden in a decorated “paper” wrapping. It also includes a special chirirenge spoon!

2. LEGO Cherry Blossom

These lovely LEGO Cherry Blossoms are designed to get you ready for Spring! The LEGO build features two buildable cherry blossom twigs that can you mix and match to create some pretty white and pink blooms. You need to build the flowers with the 438 pieces that come with the set, to build two twigs that measure up to 14 inches.

3. The Great Wave of Kanagawa

The Great Wave of Kanagawa is one of the most iconic paintings in the art world. It is a lovely and significant hallmark of Japan’s Ukioy-e art movement, and LEGO Art’s interpretation of it includes plastic blocks and a brick count of 1810 pieces. The build also includes a special brick that holds artist Hokusai’s signature! It makes use of multiple dot-shaped bricks that give the painting a pointillism effect.

4. LEGO Sushi Board

If you’re a sushi lover, then this LEGO Sushi Board is a dream come true for you! Made using 1348 pieces, this sushi board is accompanied by matching chopsticks, 6 types of sushi, ginger, wasabi, as well as a matching bowl of soy sauce. The objects aren’t attached to the board, and they can be moved around and arranged, creating an interactive and adorable sushi experience. The sushi includes – one regular and one vegetarian maki roll, a regular uramaki roll, a shrimp nigiri, a salmon nigiri, and an egg nigiri!

5. LEGO Toyota GR Supra

To celebrate the iconic Toyota GR Supra’s 35th anniversary a few years ago, LEGO Japan, LEGOLAND Japan, and Toyota Gazoo Racing created a life-size replica of the sports car. The LEGO version was wider than the original automotive and weighed more as well – almost 4156 pounds. The car was almost entirely made of LEGO bricks, which was truly a commendable and impressive sight, whether you’re a LEGO fan or not!

6. LEGO Girls In Kimonos

Inspired by a summer trip to Japan, LEGO builder The DriXx built two girls in kimonos and traditional Japanese accessories using LEGO bricks! One of the kimonos was embossed with cherry blossoms, while the other one was inspired by cranes and flowers. He wanted to capture the sight of people wearing yukatas or summer kimonos during the summer festival, with everyone walking around cheerfully. He used flower pieces and rounded tiles for the intricate and beautiful patterning of the kimonos.

7. LEGO Eventide

This 2486-piece LEGO mosaic signifies eventide- 宵 (you), which is a Kanji character symbolic of the hours of the evening until midnight. The character also represents the eve of an event, particularly festivals. The LEGO build was created to celebrate the many flower festivals that are held in Japan, and the beautiful flower motif blossoming from the setting sun is meant to signify the growing excitement and merriment on the eve of festivals.

8. LEGO Japanese Koi Fish Pond

LEGO builder ToboPro created a LEGO koi fish pond with koi that swims around if you rotate the handle. Koi fish have a lot of significant value and meaning in Japanese culture. They represent perseverance, luck, love, and prosperity, and ToboPro wanted to translate these meaningful concepts into a tangible build made using 1970 pieces. The pond is decorated with bamboo and other greenery.

9. LEGO Shogun Armour

This beautiful ornate shogun design by Mohamed Marei artfully uses a balance of LEGO Technic and System parts. Each LEGO piece has been chosen to beautifully replicate the plated nature of the ancient Japanese armor, creating a design that is divine looking. Mohamed used all types of gold 1×1 round plates in this build. Tread pieces were also used around the arms above the elbow and at the base of the warrior’s kusazuri.

10. LEGO Soba Noodle Bowl

Build by LEGO builder John Snyder this bowl of soba noodles looks so yummy and appealing, it almost looks real! John wanted to build radish slices, and slowly and steadily he created a whole bowl of noodles. He inserted bicycle wheels into inverted radar dishes to create the radish slices. The chopsticks are made from LEGO as well, and the color balancing is perfect, really making the entire dish stand out.

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