Every time Saturday Indesign rolls around our inboxes are full of people wanting to arrange, host, participate in or attend one of our infamous design discussions. And it’s no wonder – because these Saturday Indesign mainstays are one of a kind!

Expertly curated by our in-house team of editors and industry friends, the design discussions are a gateway into the latest and greatest of the design world. But forget conference halls and powerpoint presentations, our discussions are intimate and conversational, a chat between friends that is opened up to Saturday Indesign attendees. Better yet, they’re delivered from the comfort of some of the country’s best showrooms, meaning you can grab a drink, settle into a comfy chair and lean in to hear expert insights on topics that are trending now.

Top up your design knowledge with Saturday Indesign’s Design Discussions

For 2023, Saturday Indesign is once again bringing back our design discussions, with a bigger program across more locations and even more topics than before. If you’re planning on joining the industry’s most loved design event on Saturday 2nd September why not read on and start penciling in the sessions you want to join. Whether you’re interested in workplace design or sustainable travel, design collaborations or sustainability there is something for everyone!

Like all of Saturday Indesign, our design discussion series is 100% free and each discussion is open to all registered attendees of the event. However be mindful that seats are limited so get in quick on the day to make sure you don’t miss out. Keep an eye out for our full activation drop, that will have session times in it to help you plan your day.

Saturday Indesign Design Discussions

By precinct

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Own World – 11 Stanley Street, Collingwood

In today’s complex media and marketing landscape it can be hard to cut through the noise and have your voice heard. In this session we hear from Indesign Media’s senior editors, marketing executives and Australia’s top design PRs on how to read today’s media landscape and stand out from the crowd.

Well(beings) at work

Tait – 209/211 Smith Street, Fitzroy

In post-pandemic, people-led working environments, wellbeing continues to define our emotional and physical connection with work. This panel explores the biophilic design tools and strategies, and cool product innovations, that ensure a healthy connection to nature and our future wellbeing.

Travel-tecture: Is sustainable luxury the future of travel and the places we stay?

Reece & Neolith – The Works – 57 Balmain St, Cremorne

The new luxury is understated and intuitive – which is no different when it comes to travel. While post-pandemic holidays and resort living may be on the rise, there is more demand for hospitality in all its guises to not only be sustainable but also engage with culture and the local population. How are hotels, resorts and experiential hospitality offerings adapting to this?

Designing for beauty and the environment

Jardan – 522 Church Street, Richmond

Discover the brands, product designers and architects pioneering a new course in future-focused design and manufacturing – products and innovations that balance aesthetics with environmentally conscious design in new and unexpected ways.

Don’t be afraid of colour and pattern

Arthur G – 618 Church Street, Richmond

This panel rejects the minimal and beige to celebrate new approaches to styling through pattern, colour, texture and form. Hear from designers celebrated for their expertly bold and expressive approach.

Hybrid at heart: Future of kitchens and bathrooms

Sub-Zero Wolf, E&S & Omvivo – Bank House, 11/19 Bank Place, Melbourne

It goes without saying that we’ve all spent a lot of time at home these last few years. How has this changed our views – and aspirations – for our kitchens and bathrooms. This panel rounds up the very latest directions in appliances, textures, colours,finishes and more, for these two most  treasured touchpoints in our homes.

Growing graduates into leaders

Brickworks – 367 Collins Street, Melbourne 

What does it take to grow today’s early career architects into tomorrow’ leaders? This intimate conversation brings together the views of early career architects and senior practitioners to address the benefits and challenges of a contemporary design education against the reality of day-to-day practice.

Illuminating perspectives

Ajar – 120 Johnston St, Collingwood 

Discover the world of lighting design in this captivating conversation featuring an esteemed international guest (?). Gain insights into evolving trends, innovative techniques, and the transformative power of lighting. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on creating ambiance, enhancing functionality, and promoting sustainability.

Design investment: A journey of sustainable luxury and timeless value

Winning Appliances – 540 Swan Street, Richmond

In a world where conscious consumerism and mindful design choices are becoming increasingly important, understanding the elements of design worth investing in can be a valuable asset. Join us as we delve into the realms of sustainable luxury, good investments and limited editions. Our speakers will guide you through a thought-provoking exploration of the design landscape, helping you identify the components of a project that truly matter. Discover the secrets to investing wisely in materials, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation, while learning what compromises should never be made for the best outcomes. This talk will focus on substance and insight, empowering you to make informed design choices that align with your values. As the expression goes – buy once, buy well.

Australian collaboration: The secret to successful design collaborations

Cosh Living & Cantilever – Level 6/600 Church Street, Richmond

Join us for an open conversation on the ins and outs of a successful design collaboration. Renowned designers and business owners Justin (Cosh Living) and Travis (Cantilever) will share the insights they’ve learned along the way, moderated by an industry professional. Discover how they began working together and get practical advice on forming successful partnerships. This interactive session offers diverse perspectives, inspiring anecdotes, and takeaways for your own collaborations.

For the love of art

K5 Furniture – 275 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Keen to bring more art into your projects and spaces? This panel words you up, with curatorial advice on choosing art, integrating art into your designs, and everyday spaces. 

Top up your design knowledge with Saturday Indesign’s Design Discussions


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