Studio 13 Architects used bold colors and clean lines to give the Unilever Algida offices a fun and practical space for employees in Ankara, Turkey.

Studio 13 Architects aimed to reflect the soul of Algida in this open office design in Ankara.

To make sure employees are comfortable and have a feeling of belongingness. All the graphics and mottos show us the Unilever identity.

The general look and feel are aimed to be cool, vibrant, and industrial. The use of a grayscale palette gives as background for Algida’s major color – red.

In the open office area, privacy is provided by using semi-transparent partitions.
With these design elements, Studio 13 aimed to create an open office space without visual disruption. Whole character of the space is simple and adjusted for specific use by distributorship offices, where employees mostly have fast meetings and no assigned desk.

Design: Studio 13 Architects
Photography: Aslı Dayıoğlu

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