In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, a new contemporary retail fit out for Ekaya presents traditional Indian textiles in an exciting environment that takes the experiential to a new realm.

Designed by Studio Lotus and Studio GreyMatter, this shopping destination extrapolates the idea of hanging space beyond the norm and places textiles, in particular the iconic sari, as the star of the show.

The interior is a celebration of the delicate artistry of the Banarasi textile traditions and echoes the idea of weaving albeit in a new and modern way. This is achieved through a modular collection of brass pipes that visually intersect to create the sense of an immersive, three-dimensional weave and is the central installation within the store. The functional display device also has in-built lighting and this becomes a wayfinding guide, leading customers through and around the products.

Weaving an interior

For Studio Lotus, lead designers Ankur Choksi and Asha Sairam with Studio GreyMatter’s Apeksha Agrawal, Tanuj Biyani and Shivangi Chaturvedi, the challenge was in creating a concept that would embrace the existing staggered grid of columns on the site. The architects have incorporated the existing columns and utilised rods that are then interwoven to create an ever-changing tapestry for both product and customer.

The installation makes for a visually dynamic space that allows for the multiple experience zones to be layered and subtly revealed.

The interior is large with a floor area of 1169-square-metres (12580-square-feet) that becomes a labyrinth of discovery with the perfect flexibility to display ever-changing product.

From the entrance and to the left is the Thaan range with its reams of brightly coloured fabric and, to the right, are the ready-to-wear sections. At the rear are spaces and places for Bridal parties that feature takkhat-style seating where saris can be opened out for viewing, as is customary. To create a more intimate atmosphere, slit windows have been included and they filter light to the inside but also create a rod-like backdrop to the textiles.

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Weaving an interior

While the premise of the interior is simple, as an interweave of rods that creates a textured and layered pattern, the realisation of the design is masterful, as an exciting way to showcase product and provide a journey of discovery for customers.

Studio Lotus with Studio GreyMatter has designed an interior that presents traditional craft in a new, fresh and modern aesthetic. With a 120-year-old legacy of fine craftsmanship, Ekaya has re-defined itself and extended its customer base to a younger client base with the design of its Ahmedabad store.

Through the adaptive reuse of the building shell, skilful inclusion of the original pillars and a modern installation of interwoven pipes, Ekaya Ahmedabad sets itself ahead of other retail establishments to claim a shopping experience of distinction.

Ekaya Ahmedabad by Studio Lotus and Studio GreyMatter is an entry to The Retail Space category in the 2024 INDE.Awards and this category is proudly supported by Alspec.

Studio Lotus

Studio GreyMatter

Ishita Sitwala

Weaving an interior
Weaving an interior
Weaving an interior
Weaving an interior
Weaving an interior
Weaving an interior

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