white walls and art prints behind potted cacti in modern entryway / sfgirlbybay

christina greve.

the thing i love about the design of all these rooms is the whitewashed canvas they’ve created to be built upon with all kinds of eclectic furnishings — especially those of the natural kind. woven textiles, tiled floors, baskets, cacti in pottery. it all looks simple and fresh, but very stylish and effortlessly chic with just a touch of a latin american flair. gorgeous, but minimalist and without trying too hard. it’s the kind of look i personally aspire to, if i could just rid myself of some of my stuff! that’s going to happen very soon though — because coming up this month, i’m diving in and remodeling the bathroom and back bedrooms. i’ll keep you posted as i start to see off some of my treasures.

white walls in modern living spaces / sfgirlbybay

oracle fox; and the veda house.

bohemian modern living room / sfgirlbybay

inside out magazine.

white walls with minimalist decor / sfgirlbybay

grace spain; and amber interiors.

whitewashed hallway / sfgirlbybay


whitewashed black and white decor / sfgirlbybay

the coveteur.

whitewashed modern living room decor / sfgirlbybay

Line Klein photography for Elle Decoration.

white wall and shelf with potted fiddle leaf fig and cactus art print / sfgirlbybay

bloesem design.

white clawfoot tub in bathroom with patterned tile floors / sfgirlbybay

hanna wessman.


joinery nyc.

white stairwell with outdoor plants / sfgirlbybay

james schororos photography.

low wood cabinet with glass doors and portrait painting / sfgirlbybay

anna bode on instagram.

black and white bathroom decor / sfgirlbybay

bob villa.