Roof care is never easy! It’s always a trial and error process until homeowners reach the best mix for themselves. The reason being every roof is different as people stay in different houses and time zones. The climatic difference is an essential factor, as well. However, a few roof care tactics and processes are common. For instance, taking care of your roof during wintertime might have some similarities for many homeowners.

Generally, winter and fall result in a rough weather condition. And it is one of the best times to examine your roof, check its status and do the necessary roof repair and other work. When you say yes to the best maintenance tactics, your roof gains a few extra years. It also secures your home from severe damages. But for this, you need to depend on a professional roofing company. To know more about this, you can check out Patriot Roofing Service Areas

Some of the winter roofing care tactics include the following:

  • Examine the structure

Winter is a good time for a roof inspection! It would be best if you got your roofing contractor to examine the roof during this time. It will help you to address any signs of roof sagging before the storm’s approach. Once you know the weak areas, you can opt-in for the solution.

  • Check the flashing

The area surrounding the flashing is the place where most roof leaks take place. Allow the roofing company to assess this area as well. It is best to get the flashing checked once annually before there are any severe damages. 

  • Check the roof shingles

Similar to the flashing, the roof shingles has a chance to become loose after a climatic hazard. There can be missing granules and curled shingles, which indicate that the roof needs to get repaired immediately. The shingles can get replaced, and that will up the roof quality. The roofing company can update you on other roofing repairs and changes as well.

  • Assess the roof valleys

The roof valleys get prone to leaks! When you keep these valleys clear and take away all the debris layers, the weight on these regions is less. It helps to avert any unnecessary wear and tear on the roof structure.

  • Clean the roof debris

It’s a continuation of the last point! Before the winter and fall storms hit, make sure you clean the drains, spouts, and gutters. You need to allow a roofing contractor to do this for you if heights make you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Keep the gutters clean

Ensure that the gutters are safe! If there’s a loose gutter, it can lead to further roof issues. The gutters don’t get tightened well and can result in overflow and hamper the roof quality and the home walls as well. 

  • Replace the sealant

Does your roof have antennas, brick stacks, or plumbing jacks? If yes, then you need to assess the sealer close to the base. Caulk and sealer will come out as time passes. Hence, it is necessary to secure the roof by substituting the sealant which wears out or cracks.

These are some of the essential winter roof care tactics to follow! Check with an expert roofing contractor to get the best tactics. 

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