Cactus Art Design & Furnishing created a sleek and futuristic space for the World Table Tennis offices in Singapore.

The World Table Tennis(WTT) was founded by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in 2019 with the intention to revolutionise the sport of table tennis by organising commercialised international tournaments. By working closely with the WTT team, the design team managed to create a mesmerizing space whilst seamlessly incorporating the client’s branding identity.

Upon entering the premise, an octagonal-shaped entryway highlighted with strip lighting greets the visitors. The feature entryway sets the impression of a sleek and contemporary facility aligned with the progressive nature of the organisation. A dark colour palette accented with warm orange and bright white enhance the brand presence by reflecting WTT’s branding colours.

The entryway extends to a short corridor which leads to a professional-grade table tennis table setting that replicates an actual table tennis court. The space is adorned with dynamic lighting and a digital LED panel that highlights various WTT tournaments, as well as star players. The octagon design motif is repeated in the form of the ceiling lights as well as the strip lighting on the floor, serving as a symbolic representation of the stage designs in WTT’s tournaments.

The reception area also features signage that highlights WTT’s history and journey over the past century. Various trophies and accolades are displayed by the lounge area for the patrons to admire while waiting to be served. The meeting room beside the reception area features a unique meeting table in the exact dimension of an actual table tennis table adorned with artwork by Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan, Olympian of 2004 and 2008.

The corridor leading into the main office is lined with a branding wall which follows the orange and black colour scheme. The wall highlights brief introductions of WTT’s mission and vision statements, various WTT tournaments, as well as tournament trophies.

Into the main office area, an open concept pantry area that encourages collaborations and conversations, as well as providing a place where the staff can temporarily unwind from work. Colourful table tennis bats are arranged in a manner to form WTT’s logo motif to decorate the wall. Indoor greeneries were also introduced into the space to add a touch of liveliness and vibrance to the space. The pantry is also equipped with whiteboards, providing a space where the staff can brainstorm and organise discussions in a comfortable and uplifting environment.

Apart from aesthetics, functionality plays a big role in the overall design. Smart system is well integrated throughout the office, whereby every meeting room and workstation comes equipped with a digital booking system to provide added flexibility. Multiple booths are available for the employees to hold video calls and virtual meetings comfortably.

Adjustable height workstations are provided for the staff and CEO to allow a versatile and beneficial workplace environment. For added security, lockers are also provided for the staff members to store their belongings safely.

Design: Cactus Art Design & Furnishing
Photography: Project M

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