Summer is a wonderful time of year. It is the season that just makes us want to get up and go outside, go for a walk, go downtown, do some travelling and indulge in all kinds of summer adventures. As usual, we’re used to just spraying our favorite perfume a few times and going outside, but it is a little different in summer. There are some things that you should avoid to make the whole experience more pleasurable.

First of all, not all fragrances are suitable for summer. I mean, maybe the smell of velvet is your favorite, but it does come off a little strong for summer doesn’t it? Something like the Le Labo fra

grances by Dossier is a far better choice with its light, woody sandalwood scent. It seems to give a smooth continuity to floral bouquets which is exactly what you want for your summer fragrance.

Did you know that there are certain fragrances that could attract mosquitos and other types of annoying insects? Especially the ones with heavy scents. You definitely want to steer clear of those during summer and this is another reason why you should go for something lighter. Of course, you can always do some scent layering.

In fact, layering your perfume is a great way to create an authentic scent from a few simple scents that you like. That is one way manufacturers of famous perfume brands achieve their unique fragrances. And of course, they overcharge for them too. But you can achieve something similar if you would just do some trial and error to find the scents that work best for you and then layer them as you wish.

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