Owning a home is supposed to be one of the American Dreams—but Homeowner’s Associations can turn those dreams into nightmares. Whether it’s a nosy neighbor or a controlling president, bad HOAS take a perfectly reasonable neighborhood and turn it into a snake pit of infighting and endless revenge. These Redditors sat back and watched it all happen.

1. Some Neighborly Advice

Apparently, one of the members of our board, who into 10 years of living here and we’ve NEVER met, thought it was appropriate to stop by while prospective buyers were here. They wanted to let the realtor facilitating the open house know that our house was priced too low and that we needed to raise the price immediately. Oh, but she was just ramping up.

She then proceeded to be rude to a group of prospective buyers and to point out that we live very close to a major roadway. She then apparently treated them as if they would be idiots to think that you couldn’t hear any road noise (you can’t, but that is beside the point). I have her picture from my video doorbell. I am going to another board member’s house with it to find out who she is and where she lives.

I am then going to knock on her door and calmly tell her that if she ever sets foot in my house again, she will be trespassing and I will call the authorities. Can you imagine being so entitled that you feel like it’s acceptable to interfere with someone trying to make the best home buying/selling decision for their family?! I am LIVID at this woman.


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