Russian artist Roman Casus explores conflicts, politics, nudity and anonymity. Painting allows him to impart these digital phantoms with a substance.


“I observer the digital stream. The modern content delivery methods such as instant posting and live broadcasts, allow viewer to be in the epicenter of events without physical participation. I construct my own stories based on these impressions. Painting allows me to impart these digital phantoms with a substance.

Sketches for my works are assembled from digital artifacts. I produce digital manipulations with fragments of news, videos, and live broadcasts. I combine contradictory elements to deconstruct the original narrative.

While creating painting I combine figurative and abstract painting. Elements of realism make works plausible. But random deformations, cropping of forms, breaking of space, and color distortions make the interpretation almost impossible. Each fragment dissolves its meaning within the frame. Blurring one image into another, one narrative into another, one way of seeing into another. Stories behind these forms capture the unpredictability and redundancy of reality.”

— Roman Casus

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