Electronic bikes have taken the automobile industry by storm! Living a more sustainable and conscious life has become imperative, with life on Earth getting more and more difficult. Curbing fuel consumption, and reducing automotive emissions has become critical, and e-bikes are an environment-friendly option, encouraging these practices. With the e-bike craze gaining momentum, designers have been coming up with innovative and super cool e-bike designs, and we’ve collected a few for you. Dive in!

1. Diode

Designed by Tien Hung, this e-bike concept is called the Diode, and it features a neo-minimalistic design that pays tribute to the future of the electric power train. The form of the bike is practically invisible, except for one singular horizontal pillar that smoothly runs from the dashboard to the taillight and a massive battery module that is nestled underneath it. It also features a powerful rear-wheel drivetrain and a comfy set.


Dubbed the MOQBA, this concept design is an e-scooter/bike that can climb stairs! It is designed to be a next-generation mobility ride for those who often face difficulty in mobility. It is not intended to be a two-wheel wonder, rather it rides on four independent legs with wheel extensions. It can be categorized as an innovative mini mecha for the future! Although at the moment, it does seem a bit far-fetched, it could have valuable utility in the future.

3. Mimic E-bike

The MIMIC e-bike is a powerful electric power that looks like a crouching jungle cat of a bike and was designed by Roman Dolzhenko. It is outfitted with a body that looks more like armor and comes with a rounded Tron Light Cycle-inspired form that is outfitted with rounded elements, and an overall absence of straight lines or sharp edges.

4. Pro.Zui

The Pro.Zui is something between a scooter, a moped, and an e-bike. Designed to be a daily commuter, it features a sleek design aesthetic amped up by cutting-edge technology, providing users with an incredible riding experience. It can cover a range of 120 kilometers on a single charge from an advanced electric battery. It utilizes state-of-the-art battery technology, supporting a reliable and long-lasting journey.

5. Porsche 619 Concept

Designed by Jackson Zhang, the Porsche 619 electric concept is an exciting response to Porsche’s plans to go electric by 2030. The 619 is the first proper electric motorcycle we’ve seen, and it features a unique design, putting Porsche’s automotive DNA in the backseat, while also creating something minimalist, geometry-driven, and iconic! It features a segmented LED matrix headlight like the one seen in the Taycan, while the seat features the word “Porsche” on the outer cover.

6. The Project M³ Concept Motorbike

Called the Project M³ concept motorbike, this automotive is designed by Richard Huang and features an ingrained biomimicry for motorheads. It has a head inspired by the dolphin, and the electric motor onboard is charged using a blowhole-like nose, imparting a lifelike presence to it. The dolphin is mirrored on the toothed wheel rims,  and the front headlights section too.

7. The Mantis

Named the Mantis, and called a MiniBike, this compact little two-wheeler is an urban commuting dream. It seats one person and lets the rider easily and swiftly cover distances. It features a unique, horizontal frame with a seat and handlebars at the same level, and it also features a detachable and replaceable battery that can be packed right underneath the seat.

8. BMW G7 Scrambler

Coined the BMW G7 Scrambler, this electric bike with a Z-shaped frame, a bottom-heavy design, a cantilever seat, and a stunning headlight, is truly the words “if looks could kill” come to life! It is a unique-looking concept that comes with a choice between a fuel-based and electric powertrain, although both variants look identical on the outside.

9. Colibri M22

Petre Georgescu designed an electric bike that can reach the farthest on a single charge! Called the Colibri M22, this foldable electric moped can get you as far as 200km without having to recharge. Once you’re done commuting, you can easily fold and store the e-bike somewhere, for example under stairways, or in a storage area as it features compact mechanisms that can be neatly folded away.

10. 2029 E-Bike

Inspired by the revolutionary design of the 1929 Majestic built by George Roy, this 2029 e-bike combines art-deco and automotive design to build an innovative design that features clean-cut geometric shapes that are created by sheet-metal fabrication, alongside bone-inspired generative-design details that have been 3D printed in metal.

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