Spanning structural engineering, research commercialisation, sustainable technology and mining, marine modelling, and cutting-edge health systems ATSE’s 2022 Fellows are leaders in their fields. “Elected by their peers, ATSE Fellows are leaders in applied science, technology and engineering and we celebrate their exceptional professional contributions to Australian STEM innovation,” says ATSE president Professor Hugh Bradlow said.

Katrina Falkner.

Education is key, with the Academy recognising trailblazers in technology education: Professor Katrina Falkner FTSE is a top 100 innovator completely transforming computer science education. Her work directly addresses inequities in access to technology, helping to build a fairer Australia. 

Richard White.

Richard White FTSE has over 30 years’ experience in software development, including global logistics software servicing 18,000 customers across 170 countries. He has recently announced the establishment of his STEM Education Foundation to make quality computer education available free of charge to Australian school students.

The environment has also been top of mind with managing climate change the leading priority within the science community: “While the 2022 new Fellows span multiple critical industries, we are pleased to welcome so many at the forefront of tackling climate change. They are creating better batteries to support renewable energy supplies, increasing efficiency and flexibility of solar cells and panels, and sustainable mining practices.

“As we face the repeated effects of increased flooding events, they are shaping the way humanity monitors water quality, models marine environments for food and agriculture, advances water catchment policy, and develops best practices for dam and bridge construction” says Bradlow.

Mark Howden.

Renowned climate change researcher and advisor, Professor Mark Howden FTSE has been a member of an extraordinary 20 Intergovernmental Panels on Climate Change processes since 1991, sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with other IPCC participants and Al Gore.

Kim Carr.

Professor the Hon. Kim Carr FTSE, former Senator from Victoria, has been named as Honorary Fellow for championing the vital need for and possibilities of science over many years in federal politics, and his unstinting advocacy for Australian innovation and industry.

Health technology innovators Professor Madhu Bhaskaran FTSE and Professor Mary Foley FTSE are transforming the health care landscape. Professor Bhaskaran’s life-saving work can be integrated into mattresses for improved monitoring in aged care, intensive care, and for SIDS. Professor Foley has led the National Cancer Screening Register and innovative virtual care during the pandemic.

Dietmar W. Hutmacher.

Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher FTSE has changed the way young children and babies are treated for skull injuries and congenital deformities with his revolutionary approach to 3D printed scaffold-guided tissue regeneration.

Professor Maria Forsyth FTSE FAA / Breakthrough Battery Technologist / Chair in Electromaterials and Corrosion Science, Deakin University (VIC).
Professor Huijun Zhao FTSE FAA / Sensing Technology Champion / Director, Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy, Griffith University (QLD).
Professor Xiaojing Hao FTSE, School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales (NSW).
PSM Professor and Scientia Professor Nasser Khalili FTSE / International Infrastructure Innovator / Head, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales; Director, ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub for Resilient and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (RIIS) (NSW).
Professor Michael Milford FTSE / Neurosci-To-Navigation Translator / Joint Director, QUT Centre for Robotics; Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Queensland University of Technology (QLD).
Professor Ann Nicholson FTSE / Applied AI Expert / Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University (VIC).
Professor Thas Nirmalathas FTSE / Optical & Wireless Communications Innovator / Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Melbourne (VIC).
Merryn York FTSE / Energy Systems Leader / Executive General Manager System Design, Australian Energy Market Operator (QLD).

The full list of fellows is available here.

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