Healthy, mature trees add so much to a neighborhood, providing beauty, cooling in warm weather, and wind breaking against damaging storms. But tree growth can also present a threat to electrical lines that communities rely on for power for all their appliances and devices. Maintenance of power lines is one of the chief ways of ensuring your power needs are properly met in all kinds of conditions. Tree trimming helps to ensure power gets to homes reliably throughout the year. This maintenance should be done on an individual basis, as well as by agencies in your community. Here are three reasons why tree trimming is so important to keeping the power on in your area.

1 –Tree Trimming Avoids Wind Damage to Lines

Strong winds can cause excessive movement of tree branches, which brush against nearby power lines. Over time, the movement can cause damage to the lines and ultimately result in failure of power service to your community. Planned trimming of tree branches is used to anticipate this excessive movement that can lead to damage to lines and power failures. Periodically, you may see trucks working on cutting back the trees in your neighborhood. Sometimes, it is necessary to dramatically alter the shape or direction of tree growth to avoid damage to lines. Although you might think the trimming goes a little far, rest assured the movement caused by branches has been carefully considered before work begins.

2 – Tree Trimming Prevents Damage From Temperature Changes

Another critical aspect of vegetation and how it affects power delivery is temperature changes. In hot weather, power lines become heavier from the heat and increased power use. This change can cause lines to droop further into vegetation, which puts the lines at greater risk for damage. Your power line technicians will take this effect into account when they determine how much trimming needs to be done to safely maintain power during the hot summer months. If it seems that tree trimming in your area is extreme, it’s because of factors such as temperature changes that can affect your community’s power lines.

3 – Vegetation Movement Can Cause Sparks That Lead To Damaging Fires

Another problem often caused by untrimmed trees is the natural movement of branches during severe weather, which can brush against electrical wires, causing sparks. This action can then lead to fires that shut down electricity in a community and lead to great inconvenience to residents. Even natural growth of leaves and branches can cause contact with lines, sparking and resulting fires. Keeping vegetation well trimmed helps to reduce the risk of fires, so electrical power can continue unimpeded, even in windy weather.

Vegetation management is an important part of maintaining reliable power for your community in all kinds of conditions. Maintenance must be done on an ongoing basis to maximize that ability to deliver power to homes in your city or town. When you see companies doing tree trimming in your area, you can be assured that they are doing the best job possible to ensure your power will be there whenever you need it.

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