Tree trimming isn’t a job most people want to take on. Between facing falling limbs and climbing towering heights, this task comes with many risks attached. This is exactly why many people choose to hire a professional tree trimming service as the safer, smarter alternative to doing it themselves. However, before you start searching for a local company, it’s critical that any company you pick has the proper insurance. Below, we will outline four reasons why you should always ensure a tree trimming company has insurance before letting them work on your property.

1. Offers Liability Protection

The first and arguably most important reason on the list is that insurance protects you from liability. If there is an unfortunate accident, the last thing you want is the company or employee holding you responsible for any property damages, medical bills, or legal fees. A tree trimming company with good insurance ensures that any costs associated with an accident or injury don’t land squarely on your shoulders. Without having this insurance coverage, you may find yourself deep into debt if something goes wrong.

2. Helps Guarantee Employee Training on Equipment

Tree trimming is a service that can involve using a range of potentially hazardous tools, including wood chippers and chainsaws. This machinery needs highly-trained employees with skillful handling to help avoid accidents or injuries. Any company that carries insurance is usually very aware of the risks and takes measures to train every employee to ensure they can safely operate the equipment and tools. This reduces the risk of employee injury or property damage as they work.

3. Shows Professionalism

Insurance isn’t just about having a safety net if something goes wrong; it also acts as a sign of professionalism. Any tree trimming service that carries full insurance shows a commitment to upholding safety regulations and following best practices. It also suggests that the company has responsible, experienced, and well-trained employees. Not having insurance can cast doubt on the company’s reputation and creditability. So, checking that any potential company you want to work with has insurance is a way to gauge the company’s professionalism and reliability.

4. Gives You Peace of Mind

Knowing that the tree trimming service you chose has insurance can go a long way to giving your peace of mind. It lets you trust the company with the job without worrying about possible accidents. When you use an insured, professional service, you can rest easy knowing that you and your property have full protection in the event of an accident or incident.

When you need a tree trimming service, don’t pick the first company that pops up. Instead, choose a team that pairs the security that comes with having proper insurance coverage with tree knowledge and experience. Ensuring your tree trimming service carries the appropriate insurance is an essential step you can’t negotiate on. While it may take you more time to verify that they have it, the adder layer of security and safety it brings makes it time well spent. After all, it’s not just about finishing the project; it’s about getting it done safely, correctly, and professionally.

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