Whether we hire professionals or take the DIY approach, we all make mistakes when renovating our homes. You might choose the wrong color to paint your walls or even begin exterior renovations when the temperatures start to plummet. 

However, when you’re aware of common renovation mistakes, you can be better placed to avoid them. If the time has come to repair or replace your roof, try to avoid these common errors: 

Trying to Repair or Replace Your Roof Yourself

When you have a few DIY skills and a garage full of tools, attempting roof repairs or replacement yourself can be tempting. However, ask any Florida roofing company, and they’ll tell you that bringing in the experts for this job can be crucial.

Roofing experts have the qualifications and training to perform roof repairs and replacements to a high standard. The most reputable companies also offer labor warranties to cover their workmanship for a specific period. If you attempt to repair or replace your roof and do something wrong, you risk expensive leaks, water damage, and no financial comeback. 

Repairing When You Should Replace

Most roofs start to leak when they reach the end of their serviceable life. After all, most building materials don’t last forever. As repairs are often more affordable, many homeowners keep repairing their roofs every time they leak to save money

Roof repairs are an excellent short-term measure but can be a bandaid for a significant problem. Moreover, you may only be repairing the leaks you can see. There may be leaks that aren’t as visible and are slowly destroying important roof structure materials. Roof replacement can often be the better option for peace of mind and convenience. 

Choosing the First Roofing Company You Find

When your home is in desperate need of a new roof, it’s only natural to browse the internet for a roofing company and select the first one you find. After all, you just need someone to do the job.

However, some roofing companies are undoubtedly more reliable and reputable than others. Don’t underestimate the value of reading online reviews, asking friends and family for recommendations, and looking for information about licensing, insurance, and warranties. The more professional and highly regarded a company is, the better the finished product may be for your peace of mind. 

Choosing Inappropriate Roofing Materials

There’s nothing wrong with considering aesthetics when making any home improvements. We all want our properties to look beautiful for us and future buyers. However, you should never choose aesthetics over function.

Choose roofing materials designed for longevity and your state’s unique climate. Failure to consider suitability might mean that your roofing materials fail before long or require costly care and repairs over their lifetime. 

Putting a New Roof Over An Old Roof

Your interior painter might apply new paint over old paint, but most reputable roofing companies won’t recommend installing new roofing materials over old roofing materials. New roofing shingles won’t always lay flat over old ones. You also can’t see any water damage or structural issues requiring remedial work if you don’t remove old shingles. While it’s often more convenient to keep old roofing materials in place, it’s typically not advisable. 

No one’s perfect, and we can all make mistakes when renovating our homes. However, you may enjoy a more stress-free roof replacement process by avoiding these common roof mistakes above.

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