One of the most common and essential car tasks is changing the oil. Changing your car’s oil requires a clean and organized space to ensure a successful and safe outcome. Here are seven ways to make your garage a better space for this task.

1. Proper Lighting

Good lighting makes it easier to see what you’re doing, especially when working under the car. Ensure you have a bright overhead light and additional corner lamps to light up the space. You can also consider installing motion-activated lights that turn on when you enter the garage and off when you leave.

2. Clear Workspace

Having a clean and clear workspace is vital for a successful oil change. You can achieve this by regularly organizing and decluttering your garage. Use wall-mounted storage systems and shelves to store tools, oil containers, and other supplies. You could also install a pegboard for hanging tools or lightweight objects from carabineer clips.

3. Invest in a Good Lift

A car lift can make a big difference when changing oil since it elevates the car to a comfortable working height and eliminates the need to bend or crawl under the vehicle. Choose a lift that is easy to install and use and has safety features, such as locking arms and adjustable height. We also recommend a lift with a built-in hydraulic pump on the stand so you can pump it up immediately instead of waiting for it to fill.

4. Purchase a Drain Pan

A drain pan is essential to catch the old oil that drains out of your car. Look for one that is large enough to hold all the oil, has a spout for easy pouring, and is made of durable material. In addition, consider getting a funnel to make the oil-draining process easier and less messy.

5. Safety First

Safety should always be a top priority. Always wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes from oil and other hazardous materials. Ensure your car is properly supported when lifting it, and always use jack stands in addition to the car jack. Keep first aid kits, and emergency exits readily accessible in case of an emergency.

6. Store Oil Safely

Store your car oil safely and securely, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Consider using a cabinet with a locking mechanism to keep the oil away from children and pets.

You should also label your oil containers with the type of oil and the date you purchased it to avoid using outdated oil. Precaution is key.

7. Keep a Clean-Up Kit

Having a clean-up kit will make cleaning up spills and messes easier. Keep paper towels, rags, and a broom within reach for quick and efficient cleaning. It is also important that you have a fire extinguisher in case of any accidents.

Regular maintenance and updates to your garage will make oil changes easier and enhance your overall garage experience. You’ll have a clean and organized workspace, the right tools, and a safe environment for you and your car.

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