8 Ideas for Getting Your Home's Landscaping Ready for Spring

The first day of spring is exciting. For those of us with gardens, however, there are few events with more excitement waiting to happen. However, it’s important that you get your garden prepared before the grand day arrives. Read on and make sure to add these 8 fantastic ideas for getting your home’s landscaping ready for spring to your to-do list.

1- Have a Plan

The most essential tip you should get out of this article is having a plan ready. Have an idea of which plants need to be removed as well as how you’ll replace them. Likewise, have an idea of what tools you’re going to need as well.

2- Get Your Tools Ready

Having an idea of what you’re to renovate or fix up means you also have an idea of what tools you’re going to need. As a result, you can quickly check to make sure that everything is in working order. Likewise, checking ahead of time means you can replace or fix broken tools.

3- Check for Winter Damage

Winter weather can be harsh on your garden and landscaping. That’s why it’s a wise idea to take a walk around your property and keep an eye out for damage. Trees can have broken limbs, brown spots may crop up on your lawn and plants can be damaged from salt or animals. A damage check is vital in spotting trouble.

4- Do Some Pruning

Doing some early pruning can easily pay off in the long run. However, not every shrub or plant takes well to an early prune. The more frost-sensitive plants can wait until things get a little warmer.

5- Clean the Beds

One of the best times to clean up beds and borders is when you’re getting ready for spring. A leaf blower or rake can quickly let you clean up anything that winter blew in as well as any leftover debris from pruning.

6- Check the Soil

Most landscapers and gardeners will aerate and amend their soil in the fall. However, the process can also be done during the spring without much issue. Of course, this isn’t something that can be finished in one evening. Depending on the size of your property, the amending process can take quite a while.

7- Time to Fertilize

Although amending the soil may be a time-consuming job, fertilizing isn’t. That’s why it’s a great idea to fertilize your plant beds and open the path for a perfect spring garden. Likewise, a little pre-emergent can help control weeds.

8- Last Minute Additions

The best time to add any additional bulbs to your garden is when you’re getting things ready for spring. Although not every bulb may be ready to be planted, knowing what you’re going to plant ahead of time is essential.

The Perfect Landscape for Spring

The perfect landscape isn’t always easy to reach. However, with a little bit of planning ahead of time, getting there becomes a lot more reachable. By spending the extra time to take care of your property beforehand, you set yourself up for success in the future.

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