Everyone loves a master bathroom, but not every master is on the same level. Upgrading your master bathroom from functional to fabulous or dated to dazzling doesn’t have to break the bank either. Follow this budget-friendly advice to give your space a facelift.

1. Paint

If you can only afford to do one thing to upgrade your bathroom, it almost has to be to paint the space! You can change the colors of the walls, the cabinets, and the countertop with the right paint. Because bathrooms are smaller spaces, you can stick to your budget even with multiple paint options for different surfaces.

2. Swap Hardware

From faucets to drawer pulls, your master bathroom contains a lot of hardware that can be replaced and often without breaking the bank. Even if you cannot afford to replace the cabinetry, a coat of paint and new hardware can make your bathroom feel like a brand-new space!

3. Consider Pre-Owned Fixtures

You don’t necessarily need to upgrade your master bathroom with brand-new fixtures. Something that is new to you might be just as good. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore offers exactly that to buyers, and you might find other usable pieces for your bathroom remodel online.

4. Reuse Other Pieces

Your next bathroom vanity might be the old buffet or dresser that is sitting in your garage or basement! As a bonus, using furniture like this can give you added storage and hide unsightly plumbing from view. Find your ideal sink and carefully trace the dimensions of the sink and hardware on the piece before cutting.

5. Replace Shower Glass

Most people will overlook replacing the shower glass when upgrading their master bathrooms, which is a shame. Doing so can replace stained, cracked, or scratched glass. You can also upgrade from dated frosted or designed glass. You can even find kits to upgrade your standard bathtub to a shower door to be done with the curtain once and for all!

6. Make Mirror Magic

Your bathroom mirror makes a big statement, which is why so many people include it in remodels, especially if they’re upgrading from the barebones landlord special. A larger mirror may cost a pretty penny, but you may be able to save money by replacing it with two smaller mirrors. Don’t limit yourself to the hardware store, either. Decorative mirrors can work just as well in a bathroom.

7. Replace Lighting

Like mirrors, basic lighting can make your master look uninspired and even cheap. It might not be helping you when applying makeup, either! From overhead fixtures to wall-mounted sconces to LED strips, you have plenty of options to ensure your upgrade makes your bathroom as unique as you are.

8. Add a Backsplash

You’re not alone if you think of a kitchen when you think of a backsplash. However, they can be a beautiful and functional addition to master bathrooms, too. Peel-and-stick tiles are readily available and make installation easier than you might realize, so you won’t have to spend money on a professional. Indeed, backsplashes aren’t limited to kitchens alone; they can transform master bathrooms into stylish and practical spaces.