a colorful collection of map pins

All images © Map Design Gallery, shared with permission

Geography meets local pride in a collection of enamel pins from Map Design Gallery. Trimmed with gold details, the tiny, cartographic wearables recreate Japan’s 47 prefectures, their matte color palettes reflecting the crops, landscapes, and cultures of each region. According to Spoon & Tamago, Kagawa is beige, ochre, and green to represent the area’s love for udon, while “Tokyo’s colors are greys and blues, inspired (by) the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.”

Show your preference for Yamagata’s cherry blossoms or Kanagawa’s hydrangeas by picking up a pin from the gallery or collect them all as you chart your travels across the country.


a pink and green pin of yamagata pinned to a pink card

four map pins pinned to a white canvas tote

a green pin of saitama pinned to a green card

a colorful collection of map pins

a purple, pink, and blue pin of kanagawa pinned to a purple card

a collection of colorful map pins pinned to cards

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