Nine stamps each containing photos of microscopic life forms

All images courtesy of USPS

One of the newest releases from the U.S. Postal Service features creatures so microscopic they’re too small for even the back of a postage stamp. Released earlier this month, the Life Magnified collection contains 20 of the world’s tiniest living forms, from a cluster of supple red blood cells and a single strand of fibrous hair to the sprawling network of mouse brain neurons. While most stamps shrink a photo or illustration to fit within the confines of the rectangular sticker that’s less than an inch wide, this series enlarges the images to reveal the infinitesimal in striking, vivid detail.

Included in Life Magnified are several scientists and photographers featured on Colossal, including Igor Siwanowicz (previously) and Jason Kirk (previously). Shop the collection at USPS.


A stamp features a blue and orange zebrafish

The collection of life magnified stamps in a stamp book

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