For those who find themselves with more family than space within their home, the furniture in the rooms needs to prove practical and functional. You’ll find this is especially true in kids’ areas. When putting more than one child in an already tight space, each will have needs concerning workstations, dressers, and a place to sleep. To make the most of the space, bunk beds have become an increasingly popular choice for a majority of growing families.

These beds come in a multitude of styles, colors, woods, brands to suit your particular needs and your child’s preferences. There are varying price points, including low-cost bunk beds, to fit those who are budget conscious. Sharing a space with a sibling is not something that children enjoy, but these units allow the potential for any design scheme to turn the room into whatever an imagination can dream up. The only conflict will be who gets to sleep on top.

Issues with this system are height with the top having fixation at no less than 5’ or higher from the ground. It leads to questions concerning the suitability for children under a certain age and their safety. You’ll want this to be a primary consideration in deciding whether to purchase these for your children.

Advantages And Disadvantages For Bunk Beds

There are good and bad points to every product on the market that you consider purchasing for your home. The number one consideration when you bring something in, y when it involves children, is the safety of the item. Bunk beds seem ideal for a small space that two children will need to share. Unfortunately, the safety factor can sometimes be an oversight due to the appeal of the functionality and practicality. Safety can be the difference between whether you purchase this type of bedding for a child of a younger age or choose to wait until the kids get older. Let’s look at some pros and cons of these systems.

Advantage: This bedding is perfect for two children sharing a smaller space. They indeed generate more space in the room. Since they stack, their allotted space is equal to that of only a single bed. It allows more open space for the kids to play or for the addition of workstations to do homework or study.

Con: There are a few safety concerns that follow the bedding and concerns parents. Fabricating plywood is the way to go with the support framework for the beds to promote a system that is secure, durable, strong, and stable. Follow for what to look for when buying bedding like this.

The bunks need to have a placement in such a way that they are not near a ceiling fan or a light fixture to prevent injury or harm. There is potential for temperature extremes if the child’s placement is near the air conditioning unit or heat source.

Bedding of this type needs to be fitted with a guardrail for the top bunk to prevent falls while asleep. Only children that are over the age of six should be sleeping on the top of this type of system. Younger children could sustain serious injuries.

Soft steps leading to the upper area are a much better option than a ladder. A ladder is not as stable for a child trying to climb down in the dark while still in a sleepy state. It’s a good idea to keep a night light available close to the steps for more visibility at night to prevent falls from happening. Here are a few more pros and cons to think about.

Advantages Of Affordable Bunk Beds For Your Kids At Home

Advantage: Children sharing a bedroom often have very little privacy in the space. This system gives an illusion of separate areas allowing each person some quiet time on their own even though they’re in the same room. Some units come set up with lights fitted individually into each bunk, giving the kids a chance to read or enjoy other activities without disturbing the other person’s sleep.

Once the kids get older or grow tired of the units, some have the capability of being separated into individual single-sized beds. At that point, separate beds will begin to encourage individuality and give the children more control over their bed and their personal space.

Cons: Keeping a room tidy is one of the lessons children need to learn from an early age. Getting them to clean up their room is a challenge that many parents face. It is especially difficult for those who invest in these units. Making bunk beds can prove very difficult for both kids but markedly so for the person who sleeps on top. Younger children may need assistance until they get a little older if you want it done well. 

Advantage: Children will quickly learn not to engage in horseplay. With this bedding, any sort of rough play can result in harmful accidents and severe injury. There is a certain level of responsibility with these systems which require kids to receive a safety lecture upon installation to avoid any issues. Children get excited with cool things like this and when they’re assigned to be in a room together. They need an explanation as to why the bunks are not to be used for play and the ladder is not to be considered a toy.


Sibling rivalry is a real thing, and kids are going to do battle after installation of the beds. Everyone wants the top bunk, but there are hard and fast rules that only children over the age of six can occupy that space. Parents need to do some fancy footwork to explain why the child who wins is getting that space. 

Kids want to make these bunks into forts, jungle gyms, and climbing obstacles. They must understand this is not the purpose of the unit. To back up your words, provide other toys that serve these purposes to avoid potential safety hazards when the kids attempt to rough house using the bedding. 

These units are ideal for a growing family occupying a small space. They allow function and practicality for the parents and a sense of being cool for the kids.

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