Apple Pencil, JBL Clip 4, Echo Dot, and Narwal robot vacuum with blue gradient background

Amazon deals of the day at a glance:


Narwal Freo X Ultra robot vacuum and mop

$1,099.99 at Amazon
(save $300)

Narwal Freo X Ultra robot vacuum and mop in dock with cell phone


Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release)

$27.99 at Amazon
(save $22)

Amazon Echo Dot in black


JBL Clip 4

$49.95 at Amazon
(save $30)

JBL Clip 4 speaker in black


Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

$79 at Amazon
(save $50)

Apple Pencil

Amazon is closing out the month of April and heading into May on a high note with top-notch deals on big brands. To kick off the week, we’re seeing some impressive discounts on our favorite hybrid robot vacuum, the Apple pencil, Amazon’s Echo speakers, JBL speakers, and more.

We’ve sorted through the listings and handpicked a few excellent deals you can shop on April 29. Here are our top picks for the best Amazon deals of the day.

Our top pick

One of our top picks for a self-emptying robot vacuum and a self-sufficient hybrid, the Narwal Freo X Ultra is the ultimate hands-off cleaning companion. It features self-washing and drying mopping pads, a self-filling water tank, a two-month dust bin capacity, and enough power to clean up to 2,000 square feet before needing a charge. The futuristic design isn’t exactly subtle, but this CES 2024 standout has set the standards high for robot vacuums that also mop, with “genius case-by-case mopping features that tailor the task to the status of the floor it’s cleaning.” As of April 29, the powerful vac has received its first big discount on record. Snag it on sale for $1,099.99 — that’s a savings of 21%.

Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release)

at Amazon

Save $22.00

Basically like a smaller form version of the baseline Echo, the Echo Dot is made to seamlessly add some smart benefits into your daily routine. It’s small enough to sit on a bedside table, shelf, countertop, or desk and can be used for everything from receiving reminders, saving recipes, setting timers, scheduling tasks, playing white noise, communicating with friends and family, lighting up your room, and of course, listening to music. The 5th generation Dot boasts more vibrant sound, clearer vocals, and deeper ass, although it doesn’t have Dolby audio like its bigger cousin, the Echo. It does, however, feature new motion sensors and a front-firing speaker (versus a woofer and tweeters). As of April 29, it’s on sale for just $27.99 — that’s 44% in savings and just $5 shy of its all-time low price.

Read our full review of the Echo Dot (5th Gen) here.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

at Amazon

Save $50.00

If you’re looking to take your iPad experience to new heights, you need the Apple Pencil. And as of April 29, the 2nd generation stylus is on sale for just $79 — that’s 39% off and matches its lowest price to date. That’s likely the most expensive pencil you’ve ever owned, but there’s a reason for that. This thing allows for seamless note-taking, drawing, annotating, and sketching with no lag. It has tilt sensitivity for impressive shading, low latency that makes it feel like writing on paper, automatic paring, double-tap support that allows you to switch modes, and a magnetic home on the side of an iPad so it won’t get lost.

JBL Clip 4

at Amazon

Save $30.00

One of our favorite portable Bluetooth speakers, the JBL Clip 4, is on sale for just $49.95 as of April 29. That’s a savings of 38% and about $5 shy of its all-time low. The Clip 4 is the definition of portable — not only is small enough to slip into any bag, but it also has a built-in carabiner to “clip” it onto a backpack, belt loop, or just about anything else. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on other features. It also boasts 10 hours of battery life, an IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating, and a quirky design with a variety of color options.

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